God Does Not Abandon Us: What Mother Teresa Taught the World About Embracing Spiritual Darkness – National Catholic Register

Mother Teresa lived out of the conviction that, even though she could not feel Our Lord present, he had never abandoned her. I have worked my way, slowly, through the private writings of Mother Teresa in the book, Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light: The Private Writings of…

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Bob Tamasy: Timing Isn’t Everything, But It’s Important – The Chattanoogan

The adage informs us that “timing is everything.” I’m sure there’s quite a bit of truth to that, but sometimes it gets a bit confusing. For instance, we’ve probably all experienced being in the right place at the right time. I remember applying for a job once just…

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Nuggets in a gold mine | WORLD – WORLD News Group

God’s World News is 40 years old this month, but in some ways WORLD’s journalistic philosophy is a throwback to a newspaper, The Standard, started nearly 150 years ago in the Netherlands by Abraham Kuyper. We believe, as did Kuyper, that God objectively knows His creation better than…

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Archbishop Michael Neary: In praise of grandparents and the elderly – The Irish News

ON Sunday we celebrated the first day for grandparents and the elderly which has been designated by Pope Francis. The date has been well chosen, as the Sunday closest to the Feast of Saint Joachim and Saint Anne - the parents of Mary, and the grandparents of Jesus…

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Rock Church: 20 years of worship, explosive growth and ‘do something’ activism – The San Diego Union-Tribune


When he appears in Exodus 3, Moses is not a Rock Church kinda guy.At last Sunday’s service celebrating Rock Church’s 20th anniversary, Pastor Miles McPherson read the Old Testament passage in which the prophet questions the Almighty’s command that he confront Pharoah.Moses’ response: “Who am I?”Wrong question. “It’s…