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He insinuated the two "made love" ... but it wasn't long before things between him and Angelina took "a really bad turn."

Angelina Pivarnick admitted her marriage was "done" on the latest episode of "Jersey Shore Family Vacation" -- and it didn't take long for her apparent rebound relationship to go the very same route.

On Thursday's new hour, Angelina filled in costar Deena Nicole Cortese on her budding friendship -- and possibly more -- with "All Star Shore" costar Luis "Potro" Caballero, who also appears on "Acapulco Shore." Saying she went to Spain to film the Paramount+ reality series "on bad terms" with husband Chris Larangeira, she explained that Luis was "very sweet" to her, giving her the attention she had been lacking.

"He was like, 'Can you sleep here?' I'm like, 'Oh, s---,'" she added, before telling Deena she did sleep in bed with him and liked all the attention she was getting.

She then talked about joining Luis in Mexico for New Year's Eve, claiming Chris failed to make plans for them and had basically just checked out of their marriage. Though she said more than once that nothing sexual happened between her and Luis, he appeared to tell a different version of events when he called up Angelina in the middle of her convo with Deena.

"I have so many things to talk to you about. My first question is, you really truly do care for Angelina?" Deena asked, taking the phone. "Yeah, I really like her and I want to take care of her," he responded.

"Did you and Angelina ever have sex?" she then pressed on. "I have a bad connection," he started to joke, as Angelina ran off screaming and hiding her head in shame. "It's not called sex, it's making love," he then added, which Deena took as confirmation.

"You did! You liar! You had sex with him!" she exclaimed, as Angelina continued to act embarrassed -- while not denying anything happened. "You're telling her I had sex with you. You ass---!" Pivarnick then exclaimed to Luis, "F---ing guy told you that I made love with him."

"Don't f---ing judge me. What do you want me to do?" she added in a confessional. It's worth noting we're talking about early-January here, since it was New Year's Eve, and Chris filed for divorce later that month.

But those sparks between Angelina and Luis didn't last long ... as she was next seen in bed, dictating audio messages to him in anger after saying things had "taken a really bad turn."

"You're saying I'm saying awful things. How is that awful things when I'm explaining the pain that I'm going through, alone, when you're in another country and you can't care f---ing less about me?" she said into the phone. "Trying to talk to this kid is like talking to a f---ing wall. He goes, 'You're unbelievable, toxic, I don't want that around me. I wanted to fix things the best way possible, but you are making it impossible.' This is not what I wanted. I'm just gonna take the L and I'm just gonna bow out gracefully."

In a confessional, she said that Luis "actually made me feel more liked in three days than my husband made me feel in three years," but added that he was "very dramatic" and it was time for her to find "a real f---ing man at this point."

"My marriage is done. I'm not with Luis and it's my body against father time, I might never have a child, which sucks," she continued in a confessional, getting emotional about her prospects.

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino stopped by Angelina's home later in the episode, claiming he had been hearing things about Pivarnick -- including that she "fell for someone else."

"I wouldn't say I fell for somebody," she said, before reiterating that while she hoped things with Chris would improve after last season of the show, that didn't happen. She expressed frustration over having to start over again with someone new and said she was concerned she'd never have a kid at this point. "I just thought I was going to be a mother by now," she added.

"My husband's going off the deep end. He's going off the deep end right now," Pivarnick then claimed. "He'll go quiet for like three days and I'll have a drama-free life and then all of a sudden, bam! Nothing even happens on my end, he'll just go off. 'F--- you, you hooked up with this one,' I'm like, you don't have any proof of all these things."

A preview for next week showed that Chris will start running his mouth to Angelina's costars -- reigniting the dreaded wedding speech disaster once again.

"Jersey Shore" airs Thursdays on MTV.

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