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A recast petition from fans to change actors for the Guardians of the Galaxy's main character Star-Lord that has battled space pirates, monsters, heck, even dad-planets, however, his biggest battles seem to be out of the silver screen since the request has been gaining traction so there is another hero to take Peter Quill's spot.

From Small to Big screen

Chris Pratt jumped from the hit NBC series Parks and Recreation to the big screen and it seemed like it was all smooth sailing from the beginning.

He hit the big time when he joined the MCU with the first edition of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, a rat-tag combination of galactic scallywags and cosmic foes.

Jurassic World

After that, he doubled down on joining big franchises when he shared on-screen credits with Bryce Dallas Howard in the new editions of the Jurassic Park series. But it looks like this had to be too good to be true.

This controversial petition comes from fans that are not cool with his participation in a church

The Parks and Rec star has joined the Hillsong Church, which is a high-profile church that has many celebrity patrons including some from the Jenner family, the Bieber family, as well as Selena Gomez, to name a few.

One of the most notorious commitments to his faith was when he commented on the Stephen Colbert show about the >21-day fasting that he was practicing as mentioned in the Book of Daniel.

LBGTQ+ Controversy in the church

Apparently, there was a debacle about the church's acceptance of LGBTQ+ members, famous transgender actor Elliot Page mentioned that the Hillsong Church was against members being LGBTQ+ while Pratt debated the controversy by saying that they welcome to church "opens their doors to absolutely everyone." After that, he distanced himself from the church saying that his faith was important but the church is not everything that should define his life.

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