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Amber Heard
IMDb Page Reads 'Amber Turd' ...
Change Reflected in Google

5/7/2022 5: 07 PM PT


5: 22 PM PT -- Amber's name is back to normal on the Google search results for IMDb ... it's fixed!

Amber Heard is pooped amid the Johnny Depp trial, and if not that -- her name certainly is ... at least according to a Google search and the International Movie Database itself.

Indeed ... it appears somebody has changed AH's official name to "Amber Turd" within IMDb's CMS somewhere, so that it shows up that way when you Google her. As of Saturday afternoon, this is what popped up when you got to her IMDb page in the search results.

But when you click into her actual profile on the site, her name is spelled correctly. BTW, the 'Turd' misspelling appears on both desktop and mobile -- so it's not just a fluke. It seems this was a deliberate change that's been made ... but it's unclear who the blame lies with.

Like we said, our best guess is that this an IMDb problem rather than a Google one -- and we've reached out to the company (which is owned and operated by Amazon) for comment. Reel 360 News first reported the IMDb flub.

In any case ... this stunt/prank obviously stems from the infamous "delivery" that was apparently left behind after one of Johnny and Amber's fights during her birthday in 2016. Johnny says he left, and when he returned ... he found a huge piece of crap in his bed.

Amber has long denied responsibility, insisting it was one of their small dogs that did it ... but JD has called BS, as did one of his security guards/drivers -- who testified that Amber told him it was a "horrible practical joke gone wrong" on the way to Coachella the next day.


Johnny testified about this on the stand a couple weeks back ... calling it absurd and grotesque, but apparently finding some humor in the bizarre memory.

As silly as the poop story seems -- which the internet has latched onto -- it could actually prove pivotal when Amber is under cross-examination. Fact is ... this all comes down to credibility and believability -- and if she doubles down on her dog claim again, it could ding her with the jury ... nobody really buys that doo-doo came from anything but a human.

The longer this trial goes, the more it seems like a he-said-she-said ... and any sense of fabricating could be detrimental. But on this issue of feces, the people have spoken. 💩

Originally Published -- 5: 07 PM PT

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