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  • Naomi Osaka just showed off her ridiculously toned legs in a new post on Instagram.
  • In the photo, the 24-year-old wore a colorful bikini and a white cover-up as she enjoyed the beach.
  • To stay fit, Naomi does three-hour long training sessions with her coach Jermaine Jenkins. She also eats protein-based meals for high energy.

    Naomi Osaka has been living her best life over the past few weeks, and her latest post on Instagram confirms it. The four-time Grand Slam singles champion posed in a pink and orange bikini layered with a tasseled skirt and white cover-up on the beach.

    In her post, she also included a video blowing a kiss to the camera as she does a total boss walk out of the waves.

    Naomi captioned the pic, "The Haitian and FL in me allows me to be able to stay at the beach for the whole day and not get tired lol."

    Her fans shared their thoughts in the comment section, with one user saying, "The HAIR THO!!!!πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯." Another chimed, "Live that best life!!! πŸ™ŒπŸ”₯❀️."

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        It's no surprise Naomi looks this strong. She trains for three hours a day with her tennis coach, Jermaine Jenkins. In a 2021 interview with Us Weekly, she said, β€œI love my time on the court... My morning practices alternate between groundstrokes, cardio, and footwork drills.”

        When Naomi's not crushing it on the courts, she's focused on recovery with the help of her physical therapist, Natsuko Mogi. Naomi says Mogi always, "makes sure I recover well and keep my body healthy." She also uses her Hyperice Hypervolt massage gun to relive any post-workout muscle tension and told WH she likes to meditate to stay grounded.

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        Playing tennis as often as Naomi does takes a lot, and I mean a lot, of energy. That's why she replenishes her body with fresh smoothies that keep her energized throughout the day, according to Mind Body Green. For a quick pick-me-up before a match, Naomi opts for a fruit smoothie. But when it's time to recover after a game, she prefers a blend of greens and other veggies.




        "For my post-workout smoothie, I tend to use more vegetables compared to fruits in my pre-workout option," she explained to Mind Body Green. "Adding a spice like ginger gives it some good flavor too. Overall, this one helps me recover and cool down from my toughest of workouts." And for something more filling, Naomi preps smoked salmon with avocado toast.

        One of her morning faves is her Super Energy Coconut Smoothie (think: chia seeds and banana). TBH it sounds delicious.

        You go, Naomi!

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