Nicole Brown Simpson Look-alike Wakes Up O.J. Simpson At 1 AM In Prank Video – TMZ


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O.J. Simpson
Woken Up By Nicole Look-alike At 1 AM
... In Viral Prank Video

4/4/2022 1: 05 PM PT

TikTok / @baseballcane23

A Nicole Brown Simpson look-alike surprised O.J. Simpson in his bedroom at 1 a.m. for a prank video -- and you can see in the footage, The Juice was SHOCKED by the impromptu wakeup call.

The clip was posted to TikTok over the weekend -- showing the Nicole doppelganger and several other young women barging into the ex-NFL star's room late at night to try to get a rise out of the guy.

The girls had their phones out -- playing music loudly -- while a man can be heard in the background saying, "Let’s go! It's party time in the house!"

One of the girls can be heard yelling "Wakey! Wakey!" ... all while the Nicole look-alike laughed.

O.J. -- who wasn't wearing a shirt -- appeared to giggle it all off ... and eventually looked like he was going to get up and entertain the guests before the video cut out.

Further details surrounding the prank -- like when it happened, where it happened and who the girls were -- are unclear ... O.J.'s yet to address it publicly.

One thing we know for sure, though, everyone in the house is lucky O.J.'s a morning guy.

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