Cheryl Burke Says Husband Matthew Lawrence Has ’45 to 50′ Pet Reptiles Living at Their Home – PEOPLE


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"No snakes, that was the deal," said the Dancing with the Stars pro

By Natasha Dado January 07, 2022 11: 22 AM

Cheryl Burke is living on her very own reptile island.

On Thursday's episode of the Kelly Clarkson Show, Burke revealed that her husband Matthew Lawrence owns "40 to 50" reptiles. Explaining her husband's "obsession," Burke told host Kelly Clarkson that the animals live "underneath" the couple's home.

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While Burke said she has accepted her husband's love for the crawling creatures, she revealed there was one animal not allowed to take up residency at their home.

"No snakes, that was the deal. I said no snakes," Burke told Clarkson. "So when we actually dated over a decade ago, I knew that I was marrying a guy who loves reptiles."

As for what animals do live with the couple, Burke shared: "Iguanas that look like alligators."

Burke also admitted that she has a French bulldog who "stays away from the cages."


Cheryl Burke and Matthew Lawrence

| Credit: Matthew Lawrence/Instagram

"When we first dated, we were both young and immature, and I was so new to this world," Burke told PEOPLE in September 2017. "Now we are both adults and feel balanced."

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