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This week was emotional for Amber Johnston and her family as she was forced to say goodbye to her son. She, however, was quick to clarify that her heartfelt goodbye to this charming young man was hardly a goodbye at all. In fact, she reassured she planned to meet him again one day.

Amber’s heartfelt goodbye to her son follows behind her daughter Emma’s emotional goodbye to her brother. Who is leaving and what did the family have to say in their goodbye messages?

Credit: 7 Little Johnstons/Instagram
Credit: 7 Little Johnstons/Instagram

Who did Amber and Emma Johnston say goodbye to?

Joose Jeskanen is the name of the charming young man Amber and Trent Johnston welcomed into their home. He quickly found his way into their hearts as their son. And, he quickly found his way into the hearts of their children as a brother from another mother. Fans took notice of how close Emma and Joose Jeskanen became during the few months he was with them.

Unfortunately, as a foreign exchange student, his time with the family was limited. The 7 Little Johnstons family were forced to say goodbye to this young man a few days ago. Both Emma and Amber posted heartfelt tributes to the young man as they said their goodbyes to him.

Credit: 7 Little Johnstons/Instagram
Credit: 7 Little Johnstons/Instagram

Amber penned in a caption surrounded by yellow hearts: “It’s not a Goodbye, but rather see you Soon.”

Emma Johnston’s goodbye to the young man was far more emotional as she admits he quickly became her best friend.

i can’t believe my best friend is leaving to go back to the lovely family he has. these past 3 months have been a great ride and definitely will do it again (future).”

Both Emma and her mother promise it is far from a goodbye as they plan to see him again one day.

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7 Little Johnstons fans react to emotional goodbye

On Amber’s goodbye to her son, 7 Little Johnstons fans admit they were pretty bummed. They fell in love with this young man. And, they didn’t want to say goodbye.

“I absolutely fell in love with him on the latest episode! His parents have raised an amazing young man.” One sad fan penned.

Another chimed in: “Oh no! I hope we get to see him on future episodes, it was so cute seeing y’all ‘meet’ him!”

Amber Johnston’s goodbye post included several photos of the family taking him to the airport and seeing him off. Both the family and fans were sad to see him go.

7 Little Johnstons/Instagram
7 Little Johnstons/Instagram

Are you bummed the 7 Little Johnstons family had to say goodbye to Joose JeskanenDo you think he enjoyed his time staying with this reality TV family? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on Amber Johnston and her family.

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