Harry Jowsey Teases What to Expect in Sex Tape, Potential Partner – TMZ


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Harry Jowsey
I Have a Sex Tape That's Way Too Hot to Handle!!!

12/30/2021 12: 50 AM PT


Harry Jowsey is about to get too hot to handle all over again -- assuming he actually releases a sex tape he says he has ... which is apparently intense AF.

The reality TV star broke down his potential plan to us, explaining ... yes, he does have an XXX home movie in his vault ... and yes, he's gunning to perhaps get it out to the public in the near future. BTW -- he tells us this thing is high-octane bangin'. 😳

As for why even do this ... seems the dude may want to cash in on his OnlyFans fame, and maybe even dabble in porn, if there's a market there for him -- and we're sure there is.

But now for an even more pressing question ... who the heck did he do the nasty with, and on-camera no less??? Watch -- Harry rules out one person right off the bat, noting it is NOT a fellow 'THTH' costar.

He does, however, give a hint ... which may not be all that shocking to some, considering these two have been spotted out and about together of late ... sparking dating rumors.

In any case, we'll just have to wait and see who the lucky lady actually is -- or if this thing will ever see the light of day to begin with. He does say it's a one-off that he wouldn't necessarily recreate, but something tells us he could be back for more if people eat it up.

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