Natalia and Vanessa Bryant Team Up For New Lancome Commercial – TMZ


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Vanessa & Natalia Bryant
Share Mommy-Daughter Love
In New Lancome Commercial

12/24/2021 2: 14 PM PT

Vanessa and Natalia Bryant have ventured into the world of advertising, and gotta say --  they are one effective duo.

Vanessa and her 18-year-old daughter fronted a new Lancome commercial, and for a bunch of reasons, it's super effective. First of all, they look great -- a prerequisite for hawking makeup.

Second, the way it's shot it fees really authentic ... a mother talking to her daughter about makeup and reminiscing about her oldest daughter growing up. At one point, Vanessa confesses she was in tears when she watched Natalia come down the stairs, all dressed up for homecoming.

And finally, they vibe really well on cam -- especially because of the way it's shot. It feels like a real conversation ... like viewers are just flies on a wall, and that's the mark of a successful ad.

Well done, ladies!!!

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