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As the drama continues to heat up on this season of Sister Wives, Garrison and Gabriel refuse to submit to their father Kody Brown. This refusal to submit to their father and his demands provokes a heated conversation between their mother and father. The conversation results in Kody feeling dissed and dismissed by his wife Janelle as she makes it clear she stands with her sons. The conversation also causes Kody to take issue with Janelle’s parenting of their children.

Sister Wives: Garrison and Gabriel refuse to submit to their father

Garrison and Gabriel have made it clear they will not submit to their father Kody’s demands when it comes to COVID-19. During a recent teaser from the next new episode, Janelle explains that Kody found out Gabriel and Garrison were being way more social than he realized during the pandemic.

This presented a problem for Kody because he wants to spend time with Janelle and his daughter Savanah. He proceeds to blame Garrison and Gabriel for refusing to submit to his rules and putting him in a place where he couldn’t see his wife or daughter.

Kody noted the decisions Gabriel and Garrison were making with socializing outside of the family were ruining his relationship with both Janelle and Savanah. So, Kody put his foot down. He told Janelle she needed to kick Garrison out of the house. Kody Brown argued that Garrison is an adult. And, if Garrison refused to obey his COVID-19 family rules, he needed to leave.

Kody Brown/YouTube
Kody Brown/YouTube

Janelle has gone behind Kody Brown’s back too

Earlier in this season, Janelle and Christine admitted that they have gone behind Kody’s back. They have broken the rules and spent time at each other’s houses. Garrison and Gabriel may not respect Kody’s COVID-19 rules, but neither do their mothers Christine or Janelle. They fessed up to the fact that they spent time together and the kids were seeing each other during the family social distanced BBQ.

During the conversation with her husband, Janelle Brown puts her foot down. She makes it clear she would not throw her son Garrison out of the house. She didn’t care if he was an adult. Janelle points out that she and Kody have always helped make sure their children launched their adult life in a way that was successful and they were living in a difficult world right now. She refused to kick Garrison out simply because he wouldn’t submit to his father’s rules.

Kody Brown Janelle YouTube TLC
Kody Brown Janelle YouTube TLC

What do you think about Garrison and Gabriel refusing to submit to their father’s rules? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on Sister Wives.

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