I Am Jazz Sneak Peek: Jazz Jennings’ Brother Sander ‘Nervous’ About Asking Friend Hope on a Date – PEOPLE


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“I’ve asked girls on dates and I’ve gotten turned down before,” Sander says in PEOPLE’s exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming episode of I Am Jazz

Sander Jennings is overcoming his nerves to ask his crush out on a date. 

In PEOPLE's exclusive sneak peek at Tuesday's episode of I Am Jazz, the older brother of transgender activist Jazz Jennings is on a video call with friend Hope — who he is hoping will turn into more than a friend. 

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"I'm super excited you joined me online, and anytime we're talking or anything and the word 'hope' comes up, like hopefully or hope or something, I'm like 'Hope, hope, hope' … it's just such a cool name," he says. 

"I'm a cool person, that's why I chose it because I wanted to be on everybody's minds at some point of the day," she replies. "And you can't go through the day without hope, literally."  

"Hope is just a good vibe and she's glowing through the camera," Sander, 23, then says in his confessional. 

i am jazz- sander

Back in his conversation with Hope, he tells her, "I feel like we're just getting to know each other and socializing at the same time which is cool." 

"I'm so boring," she teases in response. "I'm like the most boring person in the world. Fun fact, I really want to go to Idaho, I have no idea why, I just really want to go there." 

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Hope continues, "I think the most social thing that I end up doing, I go skating a lot, I'm a movie person, like I go to the movies at least three times a week - I'm that person. I like things that are so simple because I don't like going out to places where I can't hear a conversation or where we can't engage in conversation." 

"100 percent. Not going to lie, I don't agree on the movie part, I don't like going to movies because then there's no socialization," Sander says. 

i am jazz - hope

To the cameras, he expresses his interest in spending time with Hope in person, but admits he's "nervous" about asking her out. 

"Hope and I have never met, and it just doesn't do you service just to do calls online and continue doing social media events. I want to hang out with Hope in person," he says, later adding, "But I've asked girls on dates and I've gotten turned down before, so I'm a little bit nervous." 

Finally though, he shoots his shot. "I definitely think it's about damn time that we actually hang out and do something fun," Sander tells Hope. 

"Let's do it!" she says. "I'm definitely in for that." 

"Obviously I'm excited," he says in his confessional. "I've never dated a trans woman but I know that I'm only attracted to women, and trans women are women. And Hope just has this radiant personality and I want to get to know her more." 

I Am Jazz airs Tuesdays (9 p.m. ET) on TLC.

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