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There are a few things you can always look forward to when the holidays roll around: Christmas tree lightings, seasonal snacks, and, of course, a Kardashian family Christmas card. Almost every year, we get a new Christmas card from the Kardashian-Jenner family and they always change it up, especially as their family grows. One year, they wear designer gowns, the next, it’s a denim Christmas — and, before we knew it, we were watching the next generation in action: Kourtney’s kids Mason, Penelope, and Reign, Kim’s kids North, Chicago, Saint, and Psalm, Khloé’s daughter True, and Kylie’s daughter Stormi all adorably stepping into the Christmas spotlight.

Ever since we caught a glimpse of their iconic 1990s Christmas cards, we’ve grown obsessed with this particular Kardashian ritual. And with nearly 30 years of Christmas cards to choose from, we’ve also noticed that we like some more than others. Whether it be big hairstyles from the 1990s or all-matching clothing, the Kardashians always know how to somehow look glamorous and low-key at the same time (for the most part!). And with their ever-growing family from all the Kardashian-Jenner women, we can’t wait to see how the coming years will look. They may need to get a bigger camera!

Here are our top ten favorite Christmas cards from the plethora of Kardashian Christmas cards out there, ranked below.

10. Blue Jean Babies, 2017

We love that so much of the Kardashian family was together and matching in blue jeans and white tops. But this feels a little more like a Gap commercial than a Christmas card. This photoshoot and their legendary Christmas party had a lot more to celebrate when Khloé Kardashian officially announced her pregnancy (and later, we found out Kylie Jenner was expecting too!). Kylie’s absence was a big topic of conversation, with many speculating why she was absent from the annual photoshoot — 10/10 for intrigue, but not our favorite holiday card on the list.

9. High Glamour Holidays, 2010

This photoshoot is extremely iconic and when it came out, we all wanted to remake it for ourselves. The 2010 photoshoot was the epitome of glamour — but where are the holidays? We love this photoshoot — and we can’t get over how different everyone looked a decade ago — but we’re not getting “Happy Holidays” from it, unfortunately, which is why it ranks 9th in our list.

8. Welcome to the Wests, 2019

This photoshoot caused some slight controversy when it came out, considering Kim Kardashian admitted to photoshopping her eldest daughter North’s face into the shot. But every mom knows getting more than a couple of kids to look into the camera at the same time is a struggle — so we get it. We love the more comfy, low-key vibe to this intimate family photoshoot!

7. Merry Christmas Kholé, 1990s

Who doesn’t love a throwback photo — especially when it features hair as big as that? So for number seven, we can’t help but love the black-tie, typical 90s era photoshoot, and it’s also a rare sweet photo of Kourtney, Kim, and Khloé with their late dad Robert Kardashian. That being said, as Khloé pointed out, they literally misspelled her name in the card, so we can’t give them full points.

6. Blended Family Fun

Lazy loaded image

Kardashian-Jenner Christmas card from the ’90s
Nineties Anxiety/Instagram.

Number six on our list is an amazingly chaotic photo featuring Caitlyn Jenner’s kids from her previous marriages to Linda Thompson and Chrystie Scott as well as Kourtney, Kim, and Kholé — er, Khloé. This is definitely a photo we’d see in a family album, and that’s what we love about it. Plus, the gigantic Ninja Turtle Santa is too good to not love.

5. Next Generation, 2015

Kim said “All you need is Love,” and we love how they shook things up for the Christmas card in 2015. Featuring the next generation of Kardashians — Kim’s eldest daughter North, showing an early sign of her goth streak, and Penelope, Mason, and Reign, this card gave people an inside look at how adept the Kar-Jenner kids already were at photoshoots.

4. Celebrating With Santa, 1995

Finally, a Christmas card that really, truly screams Christmas. The Jenners and the Kardashians got together for another full-family pic this year — and baby Kendall made her first appearance!

3. Hectic Christmas, 2018

This shoot is almost everything we could’ve wanted with a Kardashian Christmas. The color scheme? On point. All the kids there? They heard our prayers. But the reason this is number three is that we’re missing a few faces we love, like Kris and Kendall. We need the full three generations, dammit!

2. Red Christmas, 2008

Now, this photoshoot feels like a Christmas shoot. The white and red coloring quickly made it a fan favorite, and one of our all-time favorites. It was glamorous, romantic, and classic: true 2008 fashion.

1. Cool Santa, 1980s

We may never get the three-generation photo of our dreams, but this card has to be our favorite on the list. The colors, the expressions, the matching dad ties, AND a Santa with sunglasses? This is the perfect 1990s Christmas card, and probably our favorite Kardashian Christmas card of all time. It’s equally adorable, stylish, and an instant piece of nostalgia. We only wish Khloé, Kylie, and Kendall had been around to join!

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