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Ashley Graham
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Ashley Graham’s pregnancy has been a whirlwind to put it lightly, from finding out she’s having twins to making headlines with her untouched baby bump photos. This time, she showed the world a more vulnerable side of her and her mindset during this pregnancy.

On Dec 11, Graham posted a picture of herself in some mood lighting while she holds onto her baby bump. While there isn’t a typical caption, the vulnerable caption in the photos is very telling. In the first photo, it says, “How can you speak so softly to others…” then when you turn to the next photo, it ends saying, “But speak so harshly to yourself.”

“How can you speak so softly to others… But speak so harshly to yourself” — a phrase many of us have felt personally. Graham’s vulnerable post reminds us to be kind to ourselves in every way, even when talking to ourselves.

Being kind to yourself is key, and even if it’s incredibly hard, we have to try. Graham is as real as it gets with everything in her life — especially during this pregnancy where she’s carrying twins. 

Many fans swarmed the post with love and affection, leaving heart emojis and thanks for her realness. One fan wrote, “This is exactly why I follow the realness… we appreciate it” and another chimed in saying, “You look so beautiful and strong! Inspiring me to love my body every day.”

And we agree, Graham is both beautiful and powerful!

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