Photo: Christopher Polk/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

The great philosopher K. Clarkson once said, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” but some people might not want to be more like Succession’s Jeremy Strong after reading the divisive New Yorker profile published last week. A group of Hollywood stars came to defend Strong’s unusual approach to acting; Strong described taking the role of Kendall Roy “as seriously as” he takes his own life. Actress Jessica Chastain published a statement in defense of Succession thespian to Twitter, calling him “a lovely person” who’s “passionate about his work.” She also posted Twitter-less director Aaron Sorkin’s statement on Strong, who shared his full interview with New Yorker writer Michael Schulman. Sorkin called Strong “a great actor and company member” and “not a nut.” Succession executive producer Adam McKay responded to Sorkin’s statement, calling Strong a “lovely guy but a brilliant actor who was cast in Succession precisely because of his passion the New Yorker writer mocks.” That’s great and all but it leads us to a larger question: do Chastain, Sorkin, and McKay have a group chat to organize their defense of Strong, a la stan culture?

The Princess of Genovia Anne Hathaway also sang Strong’s praises with a black and white photo of him on Instagram that resembled a little too close to an “in memorandum” post. She described him as “an incredibly talented and inventive artist who is fully engaged and committed on set, as well as a passionate, open person in life.” She made sure to clarify that he is also a “fun” person. While Hollywood elite continues typing their iPhone note justification for Strong’s unique acting techniques, mentally Jeremy Strong is probably still at Kendall’s birthday party paying no mind to what those outside the family think of him.

Hollywood Stars Rise Up to Defend Jeremy Strong