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Heather Dubrow's Nobu-catered, $36,000 party never even made it to the main course. 

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Last week, Shannon, 57, told Gina, 37, and Emily Simpson that Heather's friend Nicole James had previously sued her husband, Terry Dubrow, over plastic surgery he performed on her — all seemingly unbeknownst to Heather. 

Though Shannon swore her costars to secrecy, Gina couldn't seem to keep it in, and pulled Heather aside at the party to tell her. 

"I feel uncomfortable because Shannon didn't know if Nicole was the same girl that she knew previously," Gina told Heather. "Prior to that, she said that Nicole had sued your husband. Honestly, the whole thing is so absurd." 


Credit: Nicole Weingart/Bravo

She continued, "We wanted nothing to do with it. But just Shannon is saying these things and if outside shot, it was true and somehow you didn't know this, I thought you then looked a little silly being like, 'Nicole's so great,' and yet she perhaps did something that was not cool to your family." 

Elsewhere at the party, Emily, 45, asked Shannon whether she had told Heather yet and mentioned that Gina was talking to her at that moment, sending Shannon running to Heather and Gina. 

"We made a promise that if this is the same Nicole nobody's talking about it," she told the cameras. "And I'm the dumb s--- that trusts people." 

"Are you kidding me right now, Gina?" Shannon said when she found them. "I have to talk to you, Heather. I don't want to hurt anybody in this world, and when you kept telling me that Nicole was your friend. I said, 'I think I know her.' But it can't be that girl because the Nicole that I knew, told me that she was in a lawsuit with Terry, so that doesn't make sense to me that they would be friends." 

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Shannon and Gina began fighting, with Gina claiming, "I did not make this a thing. You made this a thing." 

"Twelve hours after promising me," Shannon tried to say, before being interrupted by Gina. 

"It's not the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants," she said. "I didn't even frickin' know Heather when I told you I wouldn't say anything. And I didn't know what pertained to her. The whole thing is so ridiculous, Shannon, and the fact that you really would try and put this on me is so ridiculous." 


Credit: Nicole Weingart/Bravo

Heather had walked away, telling producers to shut it all down. 

"No, no, no there's no filming," she said, covering the camera with her hand. "The show's over." 

Nicole, meanwhile, tried to explain her side of things in a conversation with Emily and newcomer Jennifer Armstrong that quickly grew hostile. 

"I made a big mistake. I was a young model and my attorneys forced me into a lawsuit," Nicole claimed, noting that she and Heather never discussed it. 

When Emily pressed her on why she didn't say anything when she later became friends with Heather, Nicole grew terse and told Emily she didn't ask for her opinion. After some back-and-forth, Nicole called Emily "stupid" and set her off. 

"You know what, I actually liked you, I thought you were nice. But you know what you are? You're f------ trash is what you are and you have no education and you've never had a job. So f--- you," she yelled before Gina pulled her outside to calm her down. 


Emily Simpson, Gina Kirschenheiter

| Credit: Nicole Weingart/Bravo

Back inside, Heather brought down husband Terry to talk to Nicole. 

"Terry, I don't think you did anything wrong. I was in my 20s, I was pushed by attorneys. And I never wanted to say anything because I don't think you did anything wrong," Nicole pleaded with the couple, though it was clear that they weren't upset. 

"Nicole, let me just tell you something. You dropped it. It went away. It's fine. Okay? But by the way, can I just say something? Thanks for dropping it," he said with a laugh before the three hugged it out. 

"Doctors get sued. It's not a big deal, it was years and years ago. Nicole's our friend. She's allowed to have a fresh start — we all are," Heather told the cameras.  

Both Gina and Shannon tried, separately, to repair things with Heather, but both ultimately failed and Heather ended up sending her guests home before the main course was served. A tragedy, she later revealed, as the entire affair cost her around $36,000.


Credit: Nicole Weingart/Bravo

Later on, though, Gina and Emily asked Heather to lunch to explain their side of things, and Heather seemed more than receptive to Gina's apology. 

"When I met Gina, we connected immediately. What happened at my party was confusing and disappointing. I'm so glad that there was an explanation. I am absolutely ready to move on," she told the cameras. 

She was less willing to forgive Shannon though, even revealing to Gina and Emily at one point that Shannon told her the duo were "not to be trusted." 

"My real question is this, what was Shannon's goal?" Heather asked them, wondering why Shannon brought up Nicole's past in the first place. 

"Do you think our goal was to try to make you and Terry look bad?" Emily suggested, to which Heather said, "I think that success breeds contempt." 

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