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January Jones in real life isn't a far cry from her Mad Men character Betty Draper. She's as daring and confident in her fashion style. In fact, her most recent audacious action led her to time out.

The X Men: First Class alum informed her 1.1 million Instagram followers of this development. In a post wearing a neon orange high-neck tee, black pants, and shoes, she captions, "In time out but tryna look like I shouldn't be." Keep reading to see what led to time-out.

Santa's Little Helper

It was only a few days ago that Jones, dressed in elf colors. She wore a button-up turquoise cardigan leaving the top unbuttoned, with a green biker short and orange block heel sandals.

The Mad Men actress fancies herself the "Hottest Hostess with the best candy, and prettiest marble in the kitchen."
The award-winning actress hosted a mini get-together for some of her friends. We know supermodel Chrissy Teigen through the comment section attended with her children. The model commends Jones' parenting skill appreciating the well-mannered behavior of her 10-year-old son Xander.

Cute Throwbacks

@Januaryjones | Instagram

It's good to know January hasn't changed since childhood. In a series of throwback pictures featuring the Jones' sisters – Jacey and Jina – we can see a cheerful January, and she’s spotting the same blond bob cut with bangs.

January zooms in her face in the following two slides to give you a full look in case you missed it. The message is loud and clear even without a caption – I've been cute all my life!

Naughty or Nice?

Shutterstock | 3586184

'Tis the season to answer the year-long question – have you been naughty or nice? Well, January leans towards the spicy side in her naughty get-up. Since you've waited this long, you deserve the full gist. A mirror selfie landed January Jones in time-out.

The American Wedding actress snapped with her neon orange tee, only this time, she ditched her pants for underwear. She's serving face and a hint of leg action in her black briefs. Maybe she deserved the time-out for teasing us.

So, what do you think, is Jan on the Naughty or Nice list?

How Does January Jones Stay Glowing?

Shutterstock | 842284

A recurrent theme in Jones' Instagram pictures is her undeniable skin glow. She radiates perfection at 43, and we want to know the secret. Luckily, the actress cares enough to share some tit-bits with her fans.

You can read all about the skincare products January Jones swears by, including her morning to night routine. We expect more holiday shenanigans as Christmas draws near. Until then, here's what January's been doing so far.

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