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I didn't think me and JoJo Siwa would have such a specific thing in common, but here we are. The 18-year-old multi-hyphenate star just shared a super sweet childhood memory on TikTok where she sang Hannah Montana's smash hit, "Nobody's Perfect," when she was only 11 years old. Honestly, I did the same thing as a kid in my backyard, so I'm loving everything about this. Of course, JoJo still had her bow intact, and let's just say she nailed this performance in the recording booth.

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"THIS. I've been looking for a video of this for YEARSSS someone sent it to me yesterday and I am DEAD," JoJo captioned the post. Miley Cyrus, who played the titular character on the beloved Disney Channel sitcom Hannah Montana from 2006 to 2011, has yet to comment on JoJo's video. From *theeteen queen of the mid-2000s to JoJo's current reign on Gen-Z, I just know Miley would eat. It. Up.

The clip proves that JoJo has been a Miley stan for a long time, and she even opened up about finally meeting the "Prisoner" singer in 2020 during an interview with Access Hollywood. "She is the best human on earth. She is obviously why I'm doing what I'm doing today," JoJo said of Miley. "I mean, I was obsessed with Hannah Montana from such a young age and you never know what someone's going to be like in person and when they turn out to be so amazing, it's just incredible. That's the best feeling ever."

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JoJo's childhood D.R.E.A.Ms come true when she met Miley at the same rehearsal space she uses. In a vlog uploaded to her YouTube channel in March 2020, JoJo said that as she went to poke her head in Miley's rehearsal to say hello, the Hannah Montana star actually said hi to her and invited her back to watch her rehearse the next day. Talk about a full-circle moment!

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