MJF’s Mom: ‘He Still Respects His Mama’; MJF: ‘Everything She Says Is Horsesh*t’ – Wrestlezone


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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

MJF did not have some very nice things to say about his parents. The loving Friedman family was a part of a brief interview with Josh Shernoff of FITE TV ahead of the AEW Grand Slam at Arthur Ashe and both his mother Nina and father Steven expressed their interest in seeing their “only sunshine” get his ass kicked.

“He is a fuckin’ idiot, but he’s ours,’ Nina said, during that interview. “I’m happy to always see him get his ass kicked. He deserves it.” Steven double downed on that, but said he’s not allowed to kick his ass anymore because now he’ll get arrested. Nina wasn’t against taking the boots to her baby boy, however, saying, “I don’t care one bit. He still respects his mama.”

Cut to a new FITE In Focus interview releasing today where Shernoff shows MJF the interview. After viewing it, Max went to the max when it came to harsh comments regarding the two people who brought him into this world.

“So here’s the thing about my mom: she’s a dumb, disgusting slut and everything she says is pretty much complete horseshit. My father is old an irrelevant piece of shit and that’s me putting it gently. I do not associate with them. They are clearly very money-hungry and fame hungry and it doesn’t shock me at all that they were willing to take you, a very dumb, very ugly interviewer and convince you to show them to the world…”

The person who will be seeking to shut the mouth of MJF next may very well be Darby Allin. The full interview, which will release on Monday at 6 PM ET can be viewed below:

Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone

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