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Miley Cyrus is proudly showing off her Gucci sneakers in skimpy black undies - and a tank top she's straight-up removed. The 28-year-old singer, making 2021 headlines as she fronts Gucci's fragrance campaigns, is fresh from an Instagram update shouting out the luxury designer, and it was an eye-catching affair for her 151 million followers.

Posting ahead of the weekend, the "Slide Away" singer stripped down to a blank tank top and matching briefs, plus the footwear she was flaunting, also braving a naughty topless snap.

Gucci Gains In Her Undies

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Scroll for the photos, ones definitely showing off the former Hannah Montana star's toned workout body. Miley had posed from inside a closet filled with rows of boots, plus the glittery '80s-style Gucci dress donned in a recent Instagram share.

Proudly standing with her hands on her hips and slightly grasping her briefs, the "Prisoner" hit-maker flashed her rock-hard abs while in her Gucci dad sneakers, also holding a loud gold-metallic purse. "The shoe that sold itself," the singer captioned her gallery.

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Miley, driving her fans to swipe, followed with her signature lip raise as she posed still in the closet. The daughter to Billy Ray Cyrus, better showing off the kinda old-looking footwear, then big-time upped the ante, losing her tank altogether and cupping her bare chest while looking downwards. Giant bouffant hair and the star's tattoos, plus her red nails, completed the look.

Miley's Instagram posts do not go unnoticed, especially when she's nearly all flesh. See more after the snaps, where you can swipe.

Fronting Gucci

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Miley has joined the slew of celebrities fronting designer brands - "Don't Call Me Angel" collaborator Ariana Grande is the face of Givenchy, with Canadian pop icon Justin Bieber now fronting Spanish luxury brand Balenciaga.

Cyrus is, however, fresh from stating that she wanted the folks in charge at Gucci against hiring her. "I had on these glasses and, like, a big Gucci hat and all black and I was telling him, ‘You know, I always know when something is right for me and I don’t think I’m the right girl. I think you made a mistake," Miley told Interview Mag.

Miley continued: "I don’t think that I represent the Flora Fantasy. I think I’m very heavy.'"

The singer did seem to have a change of heart, though. "There was so much darkness and there was so much heaviness and it was right in the middle of the pandemic and the protest and the politics of it all," she said, concluding:

"We were right in the middle of presidential campaigns and it was so heavy. The Flora Fantasy was truly an escape for myself at the time and I think it will be for everyone."

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