Mariah Carey and Luis Miguel’s ‘Over-the-Top’ and ‘Extravagant’ Relationship: A Look Back – PEOPLE


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The former couple dated from 1998 to 2001

His voice entertained a generation but now the story of Luis Miguel's life is captivating a whole new audience.

The third and final season of Netflix's Spanish-language Luis Miguel: The Series, a biopic on Latin sensation was released on Thursday.

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The new season explores his life from 1995 to 2017 and has reminded the world of his romance with none other than Mariah Carey — so here's a look back at their relationship.

The singers met in 1998 in Aspen, Colorado when they were reportedly set up on a blind date while she was in the process of divorcing her ex-husband Tommy Mottola. They then went on to date from 1998 to 2001.

Mariah Carey and Luis Miguel

Mariah Carey and Luis Miguel

In Carey's autobiography, The Meaning of Mariah Carey, which was released last year, the "Fantasy" singer said she learned Miguel was "an authentic, over-the-top Latin lover" after her first date with him.

"After we had both had a few drinks and an awkward dinner, I still couldn't get rid of him… I had just met this guy and he was drunk off his ass" Carey, 52, wrote about her first date.

The next day, however, Miguel, 51, had sent her a Bulgari necklace, "I soon learned that was his way; he was an authentic, over-the-top Latin lover, for real."

She also wrote that for Christmas, Miguel surprised her with an "entire planetarium-style hot tub that you can swim into." She added, "[He] didn't hold back his material displays of adoration. Once, he filled an entire private jet with red roses to surprise me."

In an interview in 2000, Carey explained that because they were both singers, they understood each other well.

"The public and the media, whatever, will attack a relationship and make it into, you know, drive people crazy," she said. "And it really takes someone really secure to be able to handle that kind of thing. So I'm really actually very happy in a relationship right now with someone who's an entertainer, very big, Latin superstar. His name is Luis Miguel, and he's great. He's so secure with himself."

However, their relationship wasn't all glitz and glamour.

"What was more difficult were the cultural gaps between us when it came to race. He would always insist that he didn't see me as Black… for him it was simply skin deep," she wrote. "It was too difficult to explain that for Americans, it's much more complicated."

The relationship then got to a point where it was no longer working.

"He'd been through a lot and lost his mother at a very young age. From what I'd been told, his father was very difficult and controlling. I tried my best to support him emotionally, but I was going through my own s–– and it got to a point where I could no longer deal with it. We were not helping each other heal. At his best Luis was generous, spontaneous and passionate, but at his worst he was erratic and anxious and had a dark cloud hanging over his head," the "Always Be My Baby" singer wrote.

Miguel, on the other hand, always kept details of his relationships private. For this reason, not many people know what their relationship was like from his perspective.

Luis Miguel: The Series is out now on Netflix.

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