Thirsty Brands Are Tweeting At Dionne Warwick Just So She Can Drag Them – HuffPost


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Capitalism is sad funny.

Case in point, when singer Dionne Warwick tweeted to her 500,000-plus followers Wednesday that she specifically wanted brands to respond to her tweet …

Please reply to this twote if are a brand account. Even the mayonnaise companies. 🙄

— Dionne Warwick (@dionnewarwick) October 20, 2021

… Many companies’ social media managers were more than happy to comply with the request…

… Even though it quickly became clear that the legendary singer’s intentions were to trash most brands that responded to her.

But hey, visibility, right?


Warwick wasn’t entirely mean to everyone …

… Sometimes she just wanted to express a grievance …

This is wonderful. If breakfast ends at 11: 00am, you need to honor customers up until 10: 59am. This needs to be enforced, otherwise you’re lying.

— Dionne Warwick (@dionnewarwick) October 20, 2021

…Other times she just wanted to pitch what we’re assuming is a brilliant idea …

And then there was a whole thing with mayonnaise.

Which created some confusion.

So, in case you’re not familiar with the wondrous world that is Warwick’s Twitter account, here’s the skinny on her hatred toward a certain condiment.

Earlier this month, the “I Say a Little Prayer” singer was utterly repulsed by Hellmann’s tweet that recommended mayo in coffee.

Warwick was so displeased she blocked the company on Twitter for spreading such an idea.

The ban didn’t last too long, however, because Warwick unblocked Hellmann’s so they could respond to her tweet Wednesday — presumably just to toy with the company.

Or maybe not. On Friday, Warwick seemed to have a change of heart on Hellmann’s.

I see a lot of people making jokes at @Hellmanns expense. Apologize to that poor mayo jar right now.

— Dionne Warwick (@dionnewarwick) October 22, 2021

She even encouraged her followers to apologize to the company.

And when she says “heartfelt,” she means it. I know this for a fact ...

But here’s just hoping KFC is not the next company to get blocked by Warwick.

I am going to relax. I hope you all have a wonderful day. Except @kfc. They know what they twoted to me. Bye! 🥰

— Dionne Warwick (@dionnewarwick) October 21, 2021

… Due to its little dig about Warwick’s Psychic Friends Network infomercials, which aired heavily in the 1990s.

And let’s also hope that the author of this post doesn’t get blocked for merely mentioning said infomercials.

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