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Faith Corner: Help wanted

Like most everywhere across the Magic Valley, there are “Help Needed” signs. They are in windows and on sidewalks. Some of the signs post the hourly wage (always above minimum wage), including benefits and starting bonuses.

This is how it is in this temporal day. Man is always in need. Just like there is no shortage of “Help Needed” signs in the commercial sector there is no shortage of “Help Needed” signs in the inner-man.

Man always needs help.

He needs help in his marriage. He needs help with his children. He needs help getting along with his neighbor. He needs help putting up with his coworkers. He needs help pushing his car to the gas station when he runs out of gas in the Blue Lakes and Pole Line intersection.

Man was created in such a way as to have a relationship with God and all of His creation. Yet, because of sin, he needs help with how to do so properly so as to glorify God.

Man needs help, but this is not how it is with God. He needs no help. Ever.

From before the first pages of the Bible to beyond the close of all temporal days, God is never without resources or in need of assistance. God, as He describes Himself in the Bible, is not meeting with a therapist or seeking counsel on how to win friends or influence a generation in need of Him. He’s not needing to be coached on how to be more compassionate or more clear with His commandments.

This is because God is not man.

Let me encourage the reader to not look for an escape from the day God has ordained but rather when we find ourselves in need of help to turn to the one who is not found lacking.

God does not need to be reinvented for men to love him, He was not invented.

God does not need to create a new ad campaign so everyone will want to try Him again, He was not created.

God does not need a board meeting of all the brilliant economists to know how to get out of debt, He is all knowing.

God does not attend conferences to learn of new medical discoveries, He is full of wisdom.

God does not look to ally with other nations to help protect His kingdom, He is all powerful.

God does not have a weekly appointment with a therapist to learn skills in how to be more gentle. He is all together different from everything He created.

So, as you drive around and see all the “Help Needed” signs, let that cause you to meditate on the nature of God and His eternal attributes. Be encouraged that you can trust the One who needs no help, and He is not lacking in any resources to help with all of your needs.

There is a greater need that we are completely lacking in, bankrupt of righteousness. This is a great kindness of God that he would send His One and Only Begotten Son, Christ Jesus the Lord, to satisfy what man is most incapable of doing. The wrath of God can only be satisfied by the blood of Christ.

Only the one who needs nothing can do this for you. Repent of your sin, believe the Gospel, be saved.

Paul Thompson is the preaching pastor at Eastside Baptist Church at 204 Eastland Drive N. in Twin Falls. Eastside Baptist gathers on Sundays at 10: 30 a.m. and 5: 30 p.m. More information can be found at

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