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By MATTHEW BLACK, Dean of Institutional Advancement

One of the objectives of Clear Creek Baptist Bible College’s mission statement is to “Initiate and maintain cooperative relationships with individual Christians, churches, associations, and conventions.”

One of the ways we fulfill this objective is by providing our Minister Retreat Houses. We currently have two of these houses that are available to those involved in the ministry.  We provide everything needed for your stay, except for food. While you are on our campus you have the ability to take advantage of our many walking trails, library, Family Life Center, and many other amenities.

Recently, Alumnus Daryl Mullins, pastor of Butler Baptist Church in the Union Association, and his wife Shelia, spent some time in our retreat houses in order to have a time of refreshment and renewal. While they were staying in our retreat houses they noticed that our kitchens could use some updating. When they returned home, they felt they could help by leading their association to give a love offering to update the pots, pans, utensils and various other items. The Union Association came together and provided a wonderful love offering totaling over $3,000.00. In addition to updating our kitchen, they also provided for other needs inside the retreat houses including a new stove and two new kitchen tables.

This is not the first time an association has stepped in to fulfill a need on the campus of Clear Creek. Associations have provided funding, labor and material for many different projects here on our campus. For example, many of our married student housing units have been remodeled, added onto, or constructed through gifts from the wonderful Associations throughout the state of Kentucky and various other states.

Kentucky Baptist churches and associations are the backbone of what we do here at Clear Creek. We can not minister to our students and fulfill our mission statement without the local church and association standing by our side.

For more information on how your church, your local association, or you as an individual can provide for a need on our campus, please contact Dean Matthew Black at calling 606-337-1072 or via email at [email protected]

Matthew Black serves as the Dean of Institutional Advancement at Clear Creek Baptist Bible College. Clear Creek is located in southeastern Kentucky. Clear Creek is the Bible College of the Kentucky Baptist Convention.

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