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News outlets have reported Hurricane Ida left a trail of darkness and destruction. We have witnessed increasing disasters recently such as earthquakes and flooding across the globe. The pictures and videos show tragedies that have claimed lives and destroyed homes.

At times like these, we realize the importance of being prepared and having firm structures. The same is true for us spiritually as we face many storms in life. How often have we seen people fall apart and families collapse under pressure? We must build upon the rock of Christ to stand firm in times of trouble.

“Whoever cometh to me and heareth my sayings and doeth them...he is like a man which built a house, and digged deep, and laid the foundation upon a rock (Luke 6: 47,48).” Jesus stressed the importance of laying a firm foundation when it comes to building our “spiritual house.” How solid is our devotion to Christ? Building a house takes time and is constructed one block at a time. God’s word serves as the bricks that must all be applied together. Do we use cheaper “materials” such as popular trends and philosophies of the world to stand upon? Are we changing scripture to justify our lifestyles instead of changing our lifestyles to align with the word of God? Is the Bible low on the priority list? If this is the case, then our foundations are weak and will not stand. Like so many, we will collapse through the storms of life.

Obedience to Christ is an essential part of the Christian faith. This is how we build on the solid rock. We have seen the devastating results from the removal of God’s word from society. A return to the principles of the Bible will strengthen our marriages, families, communities and beyond. The results do not come by reading scriptures and attending Church only. Jesus makes it clear that we must be doers of his word. This opens God’s hand of blessings in our direction. Are we listening to the Lord as he speaks to us? When we do this, our foundations will be effective, endure any storm and last for all eternity.

Ralph and Elizabeth Pyszkowski, your brother and sister In Christ. Comments welcome at [email protected]

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