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One does not need to look far in this life to see afflictions, hardships and chaos. Turn on the evening news, and you might walk away feeling distraught.

For the Christian, however, we have a blessed hope. We need never walk away feeling distraught unless we merely choose to focus solely on the affliction.

Many verses in Scripture offer hope, but one of my favorites is Psalm 119: 50, which reminds, Your promise gives me life; this is my security in affliction. God’s promise gives me life. The truth is God does not merely give life; He gives the best quality of life.

The author is unknown, but most scholars believe David, Daniel or Ezra wrote Psalm 119. All three of these men knew great affliction, so if one of them did indeed pen this psalm, then it should make us stop for a moment and reflect on the words: this is my security in affliction, that Your promise gives me life (Psalm 119: 50).

What kind of life does God give the Christian? Colossians 1: 13 tells us He gives us new life through the sacrifice of His dear son — delivering us out of darkness into light. And Ephesians 1: 18 tells us the Christian receives a new set of eyes.

According to Romans 8: 28, when the Christian sees afflictions, hardships and chaos, the Christian says, “OK God, I trust You with the trials because You have promised to work all things out for my good and Your glory.”

The Christian might also say, “OK God, how do you want me to assist others in this hardship?” After all, we are to be God’s hands and feet extended in this world (See Romans 12: 13; Titus 3: 14; 1 Corinthians 12: 27; and 1 Peter 4: 10).

Through humanitarian or mission work to hurting people, we might be the reason they find God’s gift of life. John 12: 32 tells us that when we lift Him up, He will draw all people to Himself. God gives the best quality of life because He gives us new life through Christ Jesus. He works things together for the good of all who place faith in Him, and He provides us with a life that should desire to help meet others’ needs.

Psalms 119: 50 also states, Your promise gives me life. What has God promised the Christian? And Philippians 4:6 says, He promises peace that surpasses understanding.

There are days that the cares of life would be too great for me. I could not even get out of bed if it were not for the supernatural peace God gives. The promise of His peace guarantees that we can know the best quality of life.

In John 14: 16, God also promises His comforter, the Holy Spirit. When all hell breaks loose around me, I have His comforter both filling me and guiding me. The Greek word for Holy Spirit is “Parakletos,” which means “called to one’s side and aid.” So, God promises the Christian supernatural peace, and He has promised His helper, who will stick by your side and be your guide, resulting in the best quality of life possible.

There are so many promises recorded in God’s Word; I merely do not have time to list them all. You seek out the ones that pertain to your afflictions, hardships and chaos, and when you find them, watch and see how this understanding is your security in affliction. Watch how His promises give life — the best quality of life possible.

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