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“Ring this bell three times well, its toll to clearly say: my treatment’s done, this course is run, and I am on my way!”

One day near the end of August, I rang the bell loud and well! Indeed, after 42 radiation sessions for cancer, I was quite ready to be on my way.

A cancer diagnosis is difficult to receive. Uncertainty and fear set in. Researching treatment options becomes one’s focus, along with more tests, scans, and doctor visits.

My spiritual walk with Jesus Christ took on new meaning. My faith in God and in the power of prayer became much stronger during the daily radiation treatments at Baylor Scott & White. The Lord constantly encouraged me, answering my prayers and those of my family and many friends. He gave me His peace and interesting opportunities to share Christ’s love with staff and other patients.

I thank God for the outstanding care I received at Scott & White. Dr. Sameer Jhavar skillfully led my oncology care team of doctors, nurses, therapists and receptionists. Many thanks to these kind, efficient medical professionals! Whatever the future may hold, I know that excellent medical care is nearby, and that God can use my cancer for His glory.

Charles Stoner


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