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Letters to the editor

Until I read the Aug. 19 issue of The Alabama Baptist, I had never heard of a chimera, much less the ethical issues and boundaries being pushed to new levels. Who knew the tempest in the teapot brewing in research labs around the world?

Once again, TAB readers are blessed with excellent reporting that provides us with straight-up information and thoughtful questions for us to ponder. Thank you for putting forth this critically important information for us.

Bruce Barbour

Richmond Hill, Ga.

Christian parents want what is best for their children in every aspect of their lives. This includes their education.

One of life’s most important decisions is choosing a college or university for your children. Certainly, parents should be part of this decision. There are many factors which must be taken into consideration, but there are none more important than whether Christian students are likely to feel safe with their beliefs.

As God’s children, we are loved, nurtured and protected by Him. As godly parents, we also love and guide our children in all truth and godliness.

An enormous part of that responsibility is to ensure that they are not placed where they are subjected to heretical subject matter by those who are more committed to deceptive ideologies contrary to Christ’s teachings than to effectively teach sound curriculum that prepares students for education and/or career.

When he faced difficult circumstances and needed help, the psalmist David sought the Lord to be his “rock and refuge” (Ps. 31:2). Mom and dad, ask God to direct you through His Holy Spirit in finding the right setting for educating your children, whether at the K–12 level or higher education.

Parents should ponder the battle ahead and pray for wisdom and courage to build a hedge around our children.

The Apostle Paul urged the church at Corinth to “Watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong” (1 Cor. 16: 13). We can do no less.

David Nichols

Jasper, Ala.

We want to mirror [God’s] heart in the way we serve our neighbor.

Chad Mize

Associate pastor of teaching, missions and evangelism at Forest Hills Baptist Church in Brentwood, Tenn.

[Alabama’s Myers Mallory State Missions Offering] is something very important in supplementing Great Commission ministries.

Rick Lance, executive director

Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions

The need to integrate incoming students (sixth or seventh graders) quickly and effectively into the mission and vision of the (church’s) student ministry is vitally important in laying the foundation to build the next generation of student leaders and world changers for Christ.

Encouraging older students to invest in younger students is a challenging yet rewarding step to encourage new students to feel welcomed.

It’s challenging in the sense that it requires older students to sacrifice time with friends. Yet it’s rewarding because there is nothing more satisfying as a young person to know that the “cool” senior, who is the captain of the football team, knows my name and knows about my life.

Suddenly, the fear and worry about what the older students think is replaced with senses of calm because the big older kids have my back.

Hunter Smith, student minister

Mount Zion Baptist Church

Huntsville, Ala.

In [Bobby Bowden’s] retirement years, when he spoke hundreds of times, he would ask the host pastor, “Are there going to be any lost  people here tonight?” He was there to tell humorous stories, but the main thing was his unique way of telling people why they need Jesus Christ in their life as Lord and Savior.

Wayne Atcheson

Charlotte, N.C.

True learning occurs when an alteration of lifestyle or behavior pattern of the learner is evidenced in accordance with our teaching. One key factor: You and I are not the teachers. The Holy Spirit is our teacher. We are His instruments. Listening to the Holy Spirit causes life change.

George Yates

SBOM church health strategist

From the Twitterverse


It has been my experience that a lot of people want to go to heaven, but they are not willing to put in the time to know the One who rules over it. Our ultimate joy is not heaven, it is Jesus.


Disciples live in such a way that shows God is worth it all.


People are making going to church online the new normal. We were made for community & fellowship. Convenience has overtaken commitment.


“Most Christians don’t intend to become Sodom & Gomorrah. But many Christians are so attracted to the world that they make their home as close to it as possible; & if they are honest, they end up identifying as much with the world as they do with the people of God.” —J.D. Greear


Our Lord has written the promise of the resurrection, not in books alone but in every leaf in springtime.


Prayers before you attend worship:

  1. Pray for a deceased self.
  2. Pray for a receptive heart.
  3. Pray for a renewed mind.
  4. Pray for a worshipful spirit.
  5. Pray for a service attitude.
  6. Pray for a revived zeal.
  7. Pray for a faithful response.


You will never be smarter than God, your plan for your life will never be better than God’s plan for you, what you want for you will never [be] better than what your Savior has died to give you.


The lenses we wear effect our perception of everything that we see. As Christians, our tendency is to say of ourselves, “My lens is strictly the Bible,” while failing to recognize the cultural, philosophical & political lenses we had on before we opened the Bible.


The salvation of God’s future people is accomplished by the intercession of God’s present people.


The words of Kenneth Ridings in preaching class at #fruitland: “Never ever leave the text to read another man’s ideas about the text until God has spoken to YOU from the text.” Good advice for the hour we are in.

Free Advice

Advice comes at different price points. Some advisers, like consultants, doctors and lawyers, charge for advice. You’re probably more familiar with bargain basement advice. It flies around like bees on a crepe myrtle. Some is useful. The rest is total garbage.

A powerful lesson on advice appears in Exodus 18. Jethro, father-in-law of Moses, saw that Moses spent days at a time advising God’s people on their concerns.

Jethro knew Moses couldn’t tote that load alone.

The elder offered sage guidance. “Now listen to me: I will give you counsel (advice). You be the people’s representative before God.” (v. 19).

Jethro suggested that Moses teach some of the godly folks how to handle part of the workload.

Moses heeded that advice and implemented Jethro’s organizational flow chart. It freed Moses to do more vital ministry.

Here’s a tutorial for receiving and giving advice.

Receiving advice:

  1. Hear it with an open mind.
  2. Weigh it before you follow
  3. Consider the trustworthiness of the source.
  4. Ask for God’s input in prayer.
  5. Act on it, put it on a shelf or shred it.

Giving advice:

Evaluate the situation. Ask these questions:

  • Am I qualified to comment on this matter?
  • What’s my motivation for comment?
  • Does the person trust me?
  • Is my input needed?

Be Jethro and Moses wise. It pays big time when you receive or give good free advice.

Darryl Wood

“A Personal Word from a Retread Pastor” blog via Facebook

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