Suzanne Moore – The Chattanoogan


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On August 25, 2021, at age 35 in Greeneville, Tennessee, Suzanne Margaret Moore lost her life tragically and suddenly from Coronavirus. 

God broke the mold when he made Suzanne. She was born on March 30th, 1986 in Philadelphia, PA. With her big green eyes, curly brown hair, brilliant smile, boisterous laugh and fiery personality, Suzanne was a force to be reckoned with. She lived an extraordinary life with adventures all over the world. She was fierce, fearless, kind, intelligent, silly, generous, fun, passionate, determined, empathetic, brave, beautiful and unapologetically herself. 

Suzanne grew up in Chattanooga, Tennessee and Atlanta, Georgia. She was a talented artist and an amazing cook; she loved water sports such as rowing and surfing; she was a music enthusiast who mastered the cello; she loved riding her Harley Davidson motorcycle; she had a special love for animals, women and children; but above all, she loved Jesus Christ and had an unwavering faith. 

Suzanne had a pure and magnificent heart that she loved with freely, deeply and unconditionally. She was known for giving the most epic hugs. She had a gift for seeing people the way Christ did, as perfect and whole with something amazing to offer the world.

Her passion for missionary work took her to Mozambique, South Africa, the Philippines, Israel and Canada before she moved to California and worked tirelessly helping women to get out of sex trafficking. A year ago, Suzanne landed her dream job in Greeneville, Tennessee at the Holston United Methodist Home for Children, giving hope and healing for a brighter future by sharing the love of Jesus with children and families struggling with life's challenges. She was over the moon to be in a place that aligned with all her gifts and passions, and she planned on continuing to build a life for herself there. 

Suzanne saw the world for the wondrous miracle that it is and had an innate understanding that the beauty of this life is in all the small things that are easy to overlook. She marveled at the clouds, the details of a flower, hearing God's voice speak to her soul, dancing with abandon, laughing and playing with children, being present with the ones she loved, feeling the surge of the ocean, tasting delicious flavors, turning ordinary moments into precious memories. 

Suzanne was a radiant beam of light sharing her love with everyone she came across.

Suzanne will be deeply missed by all who knew her. 

She is survived by her mother Carol Collier, her sisters Emily Moore and Cathy Collier Martinez (Nano), brothers Aaron Collier (Laurie) and Ethan Collier (Mary), her nieces and nephews Lennon Moore, Zoë Moore, May Collier, Sam Collier, Liam Collier, Julia Collier and Caleb Collier. Suzanne joined her two fathers, Kelvin Moore and Scott Collier, in heaven.

The immediate family will be having a private celebration of life for Suzanne. They encourage everyone who loved Suzanne to find a way to honor and celebrate her all around the world. May we all find a trait we admire in her and implement it into our lives so her spirit and legacy may live on. 

In lieu of flowers the family requests that you donate to Holston United Methodist Home for Children in honor of Suzanne so they can continue the work she was so passionate about.

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