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His days begin in the early morning before the sun rises as he prays for those on his prayer list. He then works on the farm, spraying trees. When the pecan season slows down, he writes.

Years of writing has gotten him one step closer to sharing his passion.

Walt Thrun published the sixth book titled “Who God Is and What He Requires” of his advanced seven-book Bible Study series.

Thrun said the book is about obedience and discusses God’s love, how He shows His love and His attributes. The book has 960 bible verses from 58 of the 66 books in the Bible.

Thrun began writing the series eight years ago and published the first book in 2014.

“You can tell this is a passion,” he said.

The first book in the series was titled “America’s Vision vs God’s Standard of Justice.” This book discusses current events and defines the seventh world kingdom.

The second book is titled “God’s Plan for his Chosen: The Cost and the Conflict.” On the cover is an American Flag at half mast. Thrun said the book – published in 2016 – discusses America going downhill.

The third book is titled “Looking Back from the Future.” This book entails a chronological study of the Bible and was published in 2017.

The fourth book – published in 2018 – is titled “From Prophesy to Reality.” It discusses current events and describes what is going to happen at the original location of the tower of Babel.

The fifth book is titled “The Scarlet Thread of the Bible” and was published in 2020. This book discusses Christ as the lamb and discusses the feasts in the Bible.

“It’s a book on blood,” he said. "Each chapter had the word blood in the title.”

Thrun said he’s already started on the final book in the series. He said it focuses on the question: Does American really know God?

“We start out with the 10 commandments how how we abuse them all,” he said.

When it comes to writing and planning for each book, Thrun begins by identifying central themes and creates a comprehensive concordance that list all the scriptures with key words that he wants to write about.

“I have a whole yellow tablet full of scripture passages,” he said. “I’ll go through and start sorting them out.”

However, these are not the first books he’s written.

“I was writing before I wrote Christian books,” he said.

Thrun wrote books on business and industry. His first writing is in the National Anthology of High School Poetry that he wrote in 1966.

“I love poetry,” he said.

Thrun said he wanted to write these books to leave a legacy for his two sons and daughter.

“The more you study and read, the more you realize what a wonderful God we have and how blessed we are to have his mercy and grace when we deserved nothing,” he said.

Thrun said he has been studying the Bible since he was saved at the age of 34.

“I thought I knew God, but I didn’t know Jesus,” he said.

He said it was his late wife – Patsy – that brought him to Jesus.

“She was the major impact of my life,” he said.

Thrun said originally he wanted to be a commercial pilot, but lost his job as a pilot after experiencing a hard landing that caused damage to the plane. He said Patsy encouraged him to go back to school.

Thrun received his Masters in Business from California State University.

“When I was in high school, I swore there were two things I’d never do with my life,” he said. “I’d never be a teacher, and I’d never live on a farm. Well, guess what? I retired as a teacher to run a farm. If you want to hear God laugh tell him what you’re going to to with your life.”

Thrun taught business and industry classes form 15 years at Northeastern State University and a couple years as an adjunct professor at Oral Roberts University.

“I’ve had some wonderful people in my life – still do,” he said.

He said his two projects now are writing and teaching and running a commercial pecan orchard.

“The closer I got to the Lord, the more I wanted to express what I learned,” he said. “I spent more time studying the Bible than I did all the years I taught at NSU and ORU. That’s how important it was to me.”

His books are sold on Amazon and at Books a Million and Barnes and Noble.

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