I believe God healed me to live a holy life – Galveston County Daily News


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I would like to encourage the community with this letter. I was taken off Latuda last year. I'm healed of schizophrenia and obsessive compulsive disorder. God healed me. It's a true miracle.

As an apostle of Jesus Christ, I believe it's a sin to dishonor my parents. I believe God saved me to live holy. I also believe he saved me to respect and honor all authority. I base it on the second chapter in 2 Peter. I chose to respect all God-given authority long ago.

I live with my parents right now, and it's my choice to stay as long as I need to. I owe them love. I believe freedom has a cost and so does Christianity. I believe I have a debt to society. I believe I owe my neighbor love. God's peace to Galveston County.

Rodney Kimble

Texas City

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