Religious leaders help discuss masks and vaccines –


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The mask and vaccine caused division during the pandemic. Some people cite their belief system as a reason they avoid both. WINK News spoke to religious leaders here. They do not have the same faith, but everyone agrees that we should help keep each other safe.

Online, the idea of ​​whether Jesus wore a mask is being cast. Pastor Ricky Anderson is the founding pastor of the followers of the Christ Fellowship Ministry. William Glover is the Chief Pastor of Mount Harmon Church. Nicole Luna is a rabbi of Temple Bethel.

“When Jesus lived, he believed in human safety and wanted everyone to be healed, so if wearing a mask would bring healing to people, he would certainly do so. “Reverend Anderson said.

“Jesus will definitely follow the medical wisdom of the day,” said Rev. Glover.

“In Judaism there is a god of love, a god of worry, and a god with us. And surely I am from love, the love of God within us when we wear masks. I believe it is an expression of, “said Lavirna.

So how does Jesus feel about vaccines?

“We would call it Mitzvah [a] The sacred responsibility of loving our neighbors and caring for each other to love strangers, “said Lavirna.

“There is old wisdom in how to keep aerial viruses safe, and some of that wisdom is that the most basic basic thing you can do is to wear a mask or face cover. It’s said to be worn, “said Rev. Glover.

Pope Francis says vaccination is a simple yet profound way to promote the common good and care for each other. Leaders of different faiths have a similar message.

“Jesus admitted his doctor during the day, he admits that he had the power to heal with medicine,” said Rev. Glover.

“We can all play a role, and we realize that we can do it just by wearing a mask, and as you know, God helps us get out faster, not faster. Will do it, “said Lavirna.

Within the past month, Mount Harmon Church has hosted a COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic for the community. Rev. Glover also said that since the FDA approved the Pfizer vaccine: His church plans to host another church.

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