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Queens-like singer Todd La Torre Blowed up Skillet Frontman John cooper In his comment on wearing a mask, Christian Locker said, “I believe in the mythical heavenly dictator, but not in science.”

At the beginning of today BLABBERMOUTH.NET Transferred part Of the latest episode of Cooper‘NS “Cooper Staff” In a podcast where he said, “It’s nothing more than a play,” “every time I wear a mask, I find myself doing something I don’t believe in. That is, I’m forced to lie. I … I’m forced to dive into something incredible, and I live in a lie — I live in a lie that this mask will actually keep me safe from all harm “There is,” he continued. “To agree with the government, I say I believe in knowing what I don’t believe in. So now I basically live in a fantasy world. It scares me. And every time I put on that mask, that’s basically what I think. I know I’m doing this, I know it’s a show, it’s a theater I know that, I know my overlord doesn’t even believe it, because even if they believe, they won’t break all of them their own rules. “

rear BLABBERMOUTH.NET Release CooperAttitude toward wearing masks and sharing of articles Facebook, La Torre Go to the comments section and write: “Cool, go volunteer on the Covid floor of a maskless hospital and tell me how it works. He believes in the mythical heavenly dictator, but not science. that.”

La TorreAtheist, said KNAC.COM Earlier this year, one of the songs on his debut solo album “Rejoice in suffering”Is a commentary on religious charlatans who take advantage of people’s weaknesses and fears. “These are television evangelists who sell the holy water that comes out of the faucet to people,” he added. Exposing hypocrisy in some songs. “

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, it is recommended to wear a face mask and cover in public places. However, anti-maskers believe that government orders or orders issued by private companies that require face covering in public are infringing on their constitutional rights.

Research shows The mask limits the spread of the coronavirus by blocking the respiratory droplets that may move in the air when someone coughs, sneezes, or speaks. There is also strong evidence that masks help protect others from catching the virus from the person wearing the mask.

Cooper Recently published his first book. “Awake & Alive To Truth”.. According to the official description of the book, it “does these perspectives by tackling today’s dominant philosophies of postmodernism, relativism, and the general view of human goodness, and standing in the absolute truth of the Word of God. Fight against”.

In various interviews over the years Cooper He “always believed in God,” and says his mother was a “fanatic of Jesus.” He also argued that he was willing to put his career on the line in support of Christ.

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Queensrÿche atheist singer blows up Skillet’s Jesus-loving frontman with anti-mask comments

Source link Queensrÿche atheist singer blows up Skillet’s Jesus-loving frontman with anti-mask comments

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