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Tyrese and Samantha Lee-Gibson’s daughter, Soraya Lee Gibson, is recovering from surgery. Samantha took to Instagram on Thursday (August 19) to give fans an update on her daughter’s condition.


“This day was a tough one,” Samantha began her post. “Everything went so smoothly. God was ALREADY in that hospital, already in that surgery room, already in that recovery room, and I have to do a praise post: for the MERCIFUL, gracious God we serve.”

Samantha went on to celebrate her daughter’s father for his support in the emergency room. “When it mattered the most he made it a point to be there, right by her side,” Samantha told her fans. “Soraya’s superhero – her daddy- was holding her, consoling her, loving her. When she went back to the surgery room, we prayed, we worshipped, and we rested in the peace that surpasses all understanding – in our faith that our GOD, the God of Moses, the God of Abraham, the God of David … had our baby in His hands.”

Tyrese also took to Instagram to celebrate his daughter’s successful operation. “Been a very long week for me and Sam,” the F9 star admitted. “The anxiety of our daughter going into surgery,” Tyrese added. “After we held hands and prayed together the smiles and grace took over the room and we knew then that Soraya was going to come out my on top! And she did.”

“It’s was an OUT-patient procedure,” the celebrity father explained. “I think the part that hit us the Hardest is when they took her through those double doors. We cried and cried. She came out with all smiles and hugs. We are so lucky and blessed by you princess Soraya! Thank you, Jesus! We know you got our angels covered.”

Soroya is Tyrese and Samantha Lee-Gibson’s only child together. The celebrity father also has an older daughter named Shayla with his first wife, Norma Mitchell.

Photo: Samantha Lee-Gibson/Instagram

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