‘God is happy with our President’: Quiboloy prays for Duterte’s health, ‘future missions in life’ – Manila Bulletin


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'God is happy with our President': Quiboloy prays for Duterte's health, 'future missions in life'

The country is blessed to have President Duterte as its leader due to his hard work, according to religious leader Apollo Quiboloy.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy prays over President Rodrigo Duterte during the latter’s visit to the Kingdom of Jesus Christ’s headquarters in Davao on August 17, 2021. (Photo: Pastor Quiboloy/SMNI/Facebook)

Quiboloy commented about the President’s leadership and being on God’s good side following a get-together with Duterte in Davao City Tuesday, August 17.

Taking a break from work, the President visited Quiboloy at the Kingdom of Jesus Christ’s headquarters in Davao to share a meal and swap stories. The reunion between old friends was capped by a prayer for the President’s health and “future plans.”

“God is happy with our President so I imparted all the blessings to him, to his health, to his family, and to his future plans and future missions in life,” the pastor said in an interview over Sonshine Media Network International (SMNI) Tuesday.

“He’s looking good. He’s looking healthy and we are so glad for that,” he added.

In the SMNI report shared online, Quiboloy prayed over the President who was bowing his head. “Whatever trials may come your way, the Almighty Father will be with you,” he said in the Visayan dialect. “He will be with you. He will never leave you, whatever happens.”

Duterte could be heard thanking the Lord during the prayer.

Quiboloy also said the President had the chance to relax during his visit, recognizing his tough workload as the country’s leader.

“This is a working President. He takes care of the affairs of the nation and we are so blessed to have him,” he said.

“He knows the every bit of the affair of this nation from national security, to international affairs…to local governance so we’re all set for the prosperity of this nation,” he added.

The President will end his six-year term next year and is constitutionally prohibited from seeking reelected. But the 76-year-old leader is mulling over a possible vice presidential run in next year’s elections following the support shown by his political party.

Quiboloy is among those who expressed support for a potential vice presidential bid of Duterte, believing he must continue his reforms in the country.




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