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Ever come back from vacation, take a look at the work that has accumulated on your desk in your absence, and contemplate escape? Maybe it isn’t a desk. Maybe your voice mail is blowing up with calls from co-workers and clients. Maybe there’s just a list on a wall somewhere labeled: “Your vacation punishment list.”

Work has a way of piling up. The purpose of a vacation is supposed to give us a chance to rest, reset and dive back into our work with fresh gusto. But sometimes, brothers and sisters, that is one cold dive.

Not all of us are rejoicing at the return to “normal.” Still, what is God’s directive when it is time to work?

You aren’t going to believe this; I discovered the secret to returning to work when I was in middle school. I never looked forward to a single day of middle school in my life. Summer vacation? Sure. Christmas break? Absolutely. School? Yuck. But I found a way through.

Here it is: Sitting in homeroom first thing in the morning before the bell rang, I could close my eyes and pray. And if I started with everything I was thankful for, the day brightened itself a little more.

Every time I asked for Him to be present, the work became a little more bearable, the company more meaningful.

I didn’t do it every day; this meant that I had days of prayer versus days without prayer to compare to each other. The difference was like that between night and day.

Is it any wonder what Paul wrote to the church at Thessalonica? “Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”(1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18)

There is a secret to dealing with the workload: From the beginning, give your thanks to God for what you have — even the workload itself. Before you touch a key on the keyboard, or put your hands on the tools of your trade, fold those hands and talk to God.

The Benedictine monks had a saying in Latin, “Ora et labora,” which means Pray and work. Their practices have endured from the Middle Ages to this day.

What about this day? Ask God to come along for the ride as you work, and see what your day can become.

Mike Beverly is pastor at Indian Springs Christian Church in Kingsport.

Mike Beverly is pastor at Indian Springs Christian Church in Kingsport.

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