Principles of engaging God in a storm: Part 1 – Chronicle


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The Chronicle

The principle of avoiding panic, in a storm.

Mathew 8: 24-26.

Suddenly a furious storm came up on the lake, so that the waves swept over the boat. But Jesus was sleeping. The disciples went and woke him, saying, “Lord, save us! We’re going to drown!”He replied, “You of little faith, why are you so afraid?” Then he got up and rebuked the winds and the waves, and it was completely calm.

Jesus said to his disciples, “Why are you fearful?” This is a sign that they were panicking. When the storm came, the disciples tried to use their natural, human methods to deal with this storm. They tried to scoop out the water from the boat using buckets, but they could not manage.

This is usually what happens whenever we are hit with storms of life (storm in this context pertains to a challenge/ predicament/ a tragedy in life). We panic! Storms are spiritual and they require serious spiritual methods to deal with them.

Panic opens doors to the devil!

What kills people in a storm is not the storm; it is the fear of the storm. Fear is the one that is killing people. When you have Covid-19, a kidney problem, or heart problem and you begin to fear that problem it kills you.

All storms are outrageous, they are violent and they exaggerate their power; they magnify their power so that you panic and are intimidated and once you are intimidated, you open doors to the devil. The devil wants you to meditate on the statistics of that storm, and then once you meditate on them, you develop fear.

The Bible says Jesus was asleep and they woke him up and said, “Master, save us”. When Jesus woke up, I thought immediately He was going to raise his hand and rebuke the storm but, to my surprise, Jesus first of all reprimanded them of fear.

He rebuked the fear before rebuking the storm!

The first thing that you address before you address a storm is fear because faith eliminates and substitutes fear. We have to remove fear so that faith may find a place, then when you have good faith; you receive a testimony in your life.

To be continued . . .

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