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A preacher was carrying on in his sermon at the funeral of a prominent man in the community, and all were listening to the wonderful attributes of the deceased. And yet everyone knew of his shady, other side. When the preacher finished his glowing sermon, the town drunk stood up and said, “Now I’ve got some truths to say.” The man was ushered out of the church faster than you can say, “Jack Daniels.:

All our lives and journeys in this life are rarely smooth and easy. The hardships we encounter and the way we face them can be difficult for others to always understand and appreciate; especially when at times we face them with anger, bitterness, hatred, jealousy, and many other negative qualities.

St. Paul in our second reading to the Ephesians states we need to live in love, being kind, compassionate and forgiving, even to those who make our lives difficult, and strive to see the good in everyone. For us as Catholics, we are fortunate to have the Eucharist to strengthen us on our journey and give us a nudge to be better!

Elijah had to be given a second nudge, and the angel had to return to and order him to eat enough to finish the journey, striving to live in love and lead him to God. Perhaps, like Elijah, we need to slow down, relax, smell the summer flowers and note the beautiful clouds; and not be rushing about.

The Gospel tells us that Jesus states that He is the bread of life that will strengthen us on our journey through life and into eternal life. The people, after He fed the five thousand and multiplied the loaves and fishes, wanted to make Him king. But Jesus had a mission that was bigger than what the people had in mind. He came to save the world, not just one group of people or even one nation but everyone for all eternity, so Jesus slipped away from the crowd.

When they found him, later on, Jesus, saying there was a lot more than getting healed and free health care and food that perishes, said, “Do not work for food that perishes but for food that endures for eternal life, which the Son of Man will give to you.” He states that He is the bread that came down from heaven and you have to believe in Him.

It contradicted what they knew of Him, and they knew of Mary and Joseph, and they were sure that Jesus did not come down from heaven! They were blind to knowing who Jesus truly was and that He did come down from the Father in heaven!

Jesus kept on insisting on this belief. This is a fundamental belief: that all Christians must accept that Jesus is truly the Son of Man and Son of God. The crowd had to listen and learn from God and stop murmuring about what Jesus was saying.

The Gospel is also saying to us, listen and learn and act on the fact that Jesus is the Bread of Life, and He gives us his flesh to eat in the Eucharist. The priest dares to pray in the mass, “This Is My Body And This My Blood” over the bread and wine. We all know this mystery, Transubstantiation. This means for the Catholic that the bread and wine still look like bread and wine, but they are in fact and in faith the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

In this gift, more special than Jack Daniels, we are united with Jesus Christ and one another on the journey to eternal life.

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