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Dave South, known for three decades as the iconic voice of the Aggies, was the guest speaker on Monday at First Baptist Church of Palestine’s “Man Church.”

South became part of Texas A&M football lore while broadcasting to one of the most avid fanbases in the country. He has hosted radio talk shows, television talk shows and announced for the NBA.

South retired in 2017 from football and basketball duties and from announcing altogether in March of 2020 after 33 years of broadcasting for Texas A&M and 50 years at the collegiate level.

Though considered a legend in the broadcasting industry, South made light of his career and spoke of how Jesus pulled him from the depths of anxiety and depression.

South’s testimony begins in 1960, at First Baptist Church inWichita Falls, where he became a Christian and was baptized. He was involved in the youth group and for 22 years he said he served the Lord faithfully.

South explained that as his career grew, he turned to the world and away from Christ.

Never let what you do become who you are,” he told the men.

In 1977 his marriage failed and he began drinking heavily, but God was not finished with Dave South. God had a mission for him.

A friend, Dirk Dozer, saw his need and recommended the book by Rick Warren, “Purpose Driven Life.” South sought God, and with his new wife, began to live for Christ again.

Today, South travels the country sharing the message of Jesus at every opportunity.

South’s advice to men trying to live a godly life in today’s culture?

It’s simple, have a daily time with God, read and meditate on the Word of God, no matter what, don’t miss it and teach your children to study the Word of God. Be the man God has called you to be,” he said.

South authored a book “You Saw Me On the Radio.” It includes his favorite calls as the voice of Aggie athletics. In each chapter is the message of Christ. Proceeds from this book go to the Wounded Warrior Foundation.

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