Shawn Mendes professes going from atheist to believer in God – CHVN Radio


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Canadian pop icon Shawn Mendes recently shared his heart and faith journey during a podcast in which he talks about the power of a Maverick City Music song.  

Mendes was on the podcast called Man Enough when he shared his experience after becoming famous from hit single after hit single.

"I had a huge song when I was really young," Mendes says referring to his first single 'Life of the Party.' "Only in the last two years did I realize the power that music is."

Mendes was born and raised in Toronto before making it big in the pop world of music in his early teen years.

"I grew up more or less atheist, now becoming much more spiritual and being sure there's a God. Music was the thing that did that for me."

He turned on a song from a CCM worship band.

"I watched Maverick City Choir singing about God, about Jesus. I'm sitting there watching this YouTube video about Jesus and I just start crying, crying my eyes out."

That moment, Mendes felt a shift and says he felt something leave and lift off him. 

"How is something that I've grown up my whole life to believe is fanatic, and not science or the truth, feel like home."

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