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Every time I read another article (“Windows smashed at Valley Planned Parenthood,” July 6) about the antics of The Church at Planned Parenthood or a vandal, I wonder at their lack of faith in God and quiet prayer. Why don’t they just be still and know that God will take care of the problem, if they’re really believers?

But oh! for the days when Planned Parenthood just gave out half-dollar-sized buttons that read “STOP AT TWO” in their concern for population control rather than the abortion of pre-born infants up to 18 weeks old. And I wish that groups or any other church or person would stop acting out their opposition to abortion outside the law and any common sense at all in the name of Christ and decent Christians.

But I think there’s hope. According to the World Almanac’s U.S. data, there were 615,831 legal abortions after Roe v. Wade, up from 586,760 in 1972. The number rose to a high of 1,429,247 in 1990. The number dropped every year consistently through 2016 to 623,471. Still too many deaths, but dropping.

There’s a note, however, that after 1998, the reporting area varies. I hope states aren’t misreporting numbers and not the use of “the morning after pill” after the year 2000.

Judith Maibie


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