Joel Osteen’s Obscene Lifestyle Condemned After Church Receives Millions In Bailout Loans – BroBible


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What if God was one of us? Just a stranger on a Learjet 75 Liberty trying to make his way 17,000 square-foot home?

For be it for me to criticize a man for making dollars when the highest earner on YouTube is a 9-year-old who opens toys. But the culture has shifted its view of the mega-rich from aspirational beacons of success to deplorable greed-mongers, especially regarding those who barter in the humble service of God.

Mega-church preacher Joel Osteen’s similarities with Jesus start and end with their good head of hair.

Jesus lived an ascetic life, dressed simply, didn't own a home, had few material possessions, slept out in the open desert, moved constantly from place to place preaching the Word.

This is how "Christian" Joel Osteen lives.

— Charles Campisi (@1813Doncarlo) July 18, 2021

The 58-year-old has gone viral on Monday after his astronomic net worth, estate and flashy Ferrari surfaced on Twitter. The outrage came in the wake of news that his Lakewood Church received a $4.4 million PPP loan, the third highest handed out in Houston in July and August, according to the Houston Business Journal, with the hashtag #TaxTheChurches trending on Twitter soon after details of Lakewood’s bailout loan was publicized.

Unless Joel Osteen agrees to return his Ferraris, Rolexes, and gulf stream jets, churches should pay taxes.

— A Hopeful Citizen (@ThePubliusUSA) July 11, 2021

I thought God wanted people who are as wealthy as you Joel Osteen, to help the poor not help themselves? @JoelOsteen

— David Weissman (@davidmweissman) July 18, 2021

This tweet about gifts coming from a divine power did not help his case.

The scripture says, “Every good gift comes from your Father in heaven above.” What He’s destined for your life is not limited by what kind of natural father you had. Your greatness comes from your Father in heaven. What He’s spoken over your life will come to pass.

— Joel Osteen (@JoelOsteen) July 18, 2021

Osteen is reportedly worth north of $100 million.

Joel Osteen has made religion a lucrative career and the fact that he drives a $325,000 Ferrari as he asks people to send him money only shows how morally bankrupt he is.

His $10.5 million dollar house isn't too shabby and shows why he clearly needed that $4.4 million PPP loan.

— Josh Jordan (@NumbersMuncher) July 19, 2021

In Joel Osteen's defense, Jesus also drove a $325,000 car and lived in a eight figure 17,000 square foot home.

You want him to park a Prius here? God don't like ugly.

— Franklin Leonard (@franklinleonard) July 18, 2021

Joel Osteen got $4.4 million in forgivable PPP loans

Pays nothing in taxes

Drives a $325,000 Ferrari

Closed the doors of his church to those in need after a hurricane

You’re a false prophet who reaps false profits @JoelOsteen

— Lindy Li (@lindyli) July 18, 2021

Remember that one time Joel Osteen helped the poor instead of himself? Yeah, me neither.

— Mayo (@MayoIsSpicyy) July 18, 2021

With a $25 million mansion, a $325K Ferrari, not having to pay any taxes and having stolen a 4.4 million PPP loan away from the needy, I’d say that Joel Osteen is Satan’s favorite money launderer on Earth.

— Ricky Davila (@TheRickyDavila) July 19, 2021

I’ll never understand how people buy whatever Joel Osteen is selling. The prosperity Gospel is dangerous and telling your constituents that the more they give to the church the more they will be blessed is literally not what Jesus stood for. Jesus helped others, not himself.

— Malynda Hale (@MalyndaHale) July 19, 2021

I remember when Texan’s were freezing to death and it took a public shaming for Joel Osteen to open the doors of his mega church to help them.

— Beki 🇺🇸 (@Daksthetruth) July 18, 2021

Somewhere on a 325-foot mega-yacht, Jeff Bezos is breathing a sigh of relief while sipping on the sweet nectars of human blood.

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