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As many parishioners return to in-person worship, Archbishop Bernard Hebda offered a video message April 27 to remind Catholics across the archdiocese to continue taking pandemic-related precautions. They include remaining 6 feet from those of different households and wearing facial masks covering the nose and mouth while indoors.
He also expressed gratitude to Catholics for their continuing faithfulness to Christ, to his Church and their parishes during the pandemic, despite considerable challenges.
“There is certainly reason for hope that the pandemic is waning with so many of us now being vaccinated, myself included, yet each of us, vaccinated or not, must remain vigilant in our efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19,” he said.
“As we prayerfully work through this pandemic, join me in putting on the mask (as he dons a mask in the video), and making sure we’re continuing to keep our safe distance,” he said. “Your efforts and prayers will continue to strengthen our local Church until we can once again all join together as one family in Christ.”
The video can be seen on and it was posted to archdiocesan social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.
Archbishop Hebda has posted several video messages to encourage safe practices during the pandemic. Last summer, on July 7, he thanked the faithful for following recommended safety protocols, including wearing masks, and he thanked priests and parish leaders for taking measures to make Mass as safe as possible. The safest path appeared to be following guidance from the Minnesota Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, he said.
On Nov. 23, during a surge in COVID-19 hospital admissions in Minnesota, Archbishop Hebda again thanked Catholics for their faithfulness and for continuing to do all they can to minimize spread of the virus. He also said he had asked parishes to pause certain activities or move non-essential gatherings, meetings and events to an online format between then and Christmas.

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