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Dear Tabby,Why does our dog tilt her head at us when we speak to her? It’s super cute, but I’m sure it also has a practical explanation.Head Tilter in TimbergroveDear Head Tilter,You’re correct on both accounts: Your dog’s head tilt IS super cute and it does have an explanation. There aren’t many things cuter than a dog perking their ears and tilting their head at you when you speak to them. It’s almost as though they know exactly what you’re saying! There is a good chance that your dog is understanding SOME of the words that you’re saying to her, but there is also a physiological explanation for what is going on when your dog tilts her head at you.Physiological explanationsAccording to veterinarians, the muscles in your dog’s ear are controlled by the same part of the brain that controls her facial expressions and head movement. So, when your pooch cocks her head when you speak, she is trying her best to understand the words that you are saying.Your dog is also tilting her head to show you that she’s attentive and very interested to hear what you have to say. Studies show that social dogs are more likely to do the cute head tilt in order to continue human interaction with you.Getting a better viewDogs understand humans more when they can see their faces, since they pick up on more than just voices. They also rely on facial expressions and body language to understand humans. Some veterinarians believe the head tilt helps a dog to get a better full view of the human face, by attempting to see around their muzzle. Tilting their head actually broadens a dog’s range of vision and helps them to see a whole face at once.Sometimes indicates medical problemIf you ever see your dog persistently holding her head to the side (which looks a bit different than a head tilt), have your vet take a look. Sometimes when a dog is experiencing ear pain, due to infection or other ear ailments, they might hold their head to the side and this definitely warrants a trip to the vet for a checkup.The good news is your dog’s head tilts are probably nothing more than an indication of her love and adoration for you. When she tilts her head when you’re speaking to her, she is hanging on your every word and probably hoping that what you’re saying includes the words “treat,” “walk” or simply, “GO!”Do you have a question for Tabby? Email her at [email protected] of the Week

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