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Overnight Oats

Bacon, eggs and toast is a common breakfast plate. But if I ate that every morning, I would tire of it.I’m not a breakfast person. It’s not about the food, but the time of day. Food first thing in the morning just isn’t appetizing. But as I’ve tried to eat breakfast every day because it begins the day energizing and filling the body with nutrients, I’ve found that regular eggs can get old real fast. And I usually don’t have the time in the morning to cook something elaborate.To keep myself motivated to eat breakfast, I started focusing on creative and easy recipes.Anything I can make in advance is the best way to eat breakfast on the go. My favorite go-to recipe is maple cinnamon oatmeal bars. Made in a square pan, I cut it into nine, which gives me breakfast for a week as well as options for a mid-day snack. The recipe can be found here: I thought it would be a good idea to add blueberries to the bars, and it was. I’ve been thinking of adding dark chocolate chips the next time I make them.Overnight oats is another easy one for me. There’s options available at the store, but I’ve enjoyed making these:’ve tried the vanilla, apple cinnamon and banana raspberry overnight oats, with the latter being my favorite. The cups are easy to make and in the morning it’s ready to eat.If you’re new to overnight oats, eating what basically is cold oatmeal might be off-putting. You can choose to pop the oats in the microwave to warm them up.For a breakfast that still uses eggs and toast, I’ve started to make egg and avocado sandwiches. Just grab your favorite bread, toast it, put your eggs (I’ve been using eggs whites) and avocado in between the slices and you’re done.This recipe,, uses hash browns in a cupcake pan to make little breakfast cups with eggs and bacon. These are the perfect size for someone who isn’t that hungry in the morning.With seven ingredients, you can make double-baked bacon and egg potatoes. Half of a potato is hollowed out enough for a fried egg and slice of bacon. Chives are sprinkled on top. These kind of all-in-one breakfasts make it easier to eat more than just eggs in the morning.Find the recipe here: once in a while, I’m a firm believer that breakfast can be a time to jump into sticky goodness — specifically, with cinnamon rolls. From the grocery store, my favorite brand is Annie’s. But the rolls are also fun to make at home.A recipe that makes each roll its own dish is here: I would tire of eating the bacon, eggs and toast combo, I know there are people who happily eat that religiously in the morning, which is just fine. Find what you like in the morning, just remember to break your fast before lunch.

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