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One of the most effective tools implemented by the federal government in the fight against this enemy called COVID was the Paycheck Protection Program. If you haven’t followed the specifics, this program allowed small businesses to apply for a “forgivable” loan that would offset payroll and other operating costs, and it was a raging success. […]

If you work in the news media, you get all sorts of “pitches” for story ideas. Usually, these come in the form of emails from public relation mooches who have no shame. “Hey Jonathan, hope your week is off to a great start!” It was until you emailed. “Good morning, Jonathan. I hope today finds […]

Many of you will turn to this page today hoping I add some sort of perspective to the culmination of two years of political campaigning and what it means for the future of our country. Too bad. So sorry for the tricky headline. Literally, you can go to any other news medium in this hemisphere […]

For most of my career, newspapers have been held to the highest of standards by readers. Our depth, perspective and unwavering pursuit of truth are unrivaled, and every editorial decision we make is cloaked in a devotion to ethical, honest reporting. That is why I will fervently stand up to the handful of readers who […]

Tell me if this sounds familiar: Your favorite college or professional football team has been back in action for the past few weeks and, for some reason, you aren’t incredibly excited. Something feels off. This isn’t just a football thing, either. The energy level around the Rockets’ playoff run amounted to little more than a […]

The next time you pick up your phone to check the status of your closest 500 friends, consider a quote I recently heard: “There are only two industries that call their customers ‘users’: illegal drugs and software.” In my 25-year career of writing, I have never felt the need, nor the desire, to publish a […]

Most weeks, I try to write about topics that impact or inform or amuse the greatest number of readers possible. This week, I’m taking a personal day for a few hundred of our readers, though maybe there’s a lesson for all of us beneath the surface. Most of the longtime readers of The Leader know […]

For six months, I’ve held out, bit my tongue, cracked my fingers and turned the other cheek. Besides sharing a little home-school humor, my personal opinions about the coronavirus have felt meaningless to a larger audience. This has been a conscious decision, cloaked in the theory that most of you just want media to find […]

Can we be honest about Houston for a moment? Do any of us really like living here this time of year? Remember, I said “honest.” Don’t start canceling me on social media just yet, because I know this city is the land of opportunity and diversity and food and a 26-lane Katy Freeway. But I’ve […]

Over the course of any given week, the media companies we own and manage speak to about 750 small business owners. And if you’re looking for some good news about this pandemic and our future, it’s about time you heard an honest take on how these women and men are fighting for their professional lives. […]

My wife and I know a wonderful fellow named Tom who sometimes helps us around the house. We all need a good Tom in our lives, especially those of us not intrinsically capable of reading instructions or remembering where our middle child buried the adjustable wrench. We beckoned Tom to our home recently to help […]

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