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This current US election is, indeed, a most crucial election not only for the USA, but for the rest of the world. By the time you read this the results should be settled — or maybe not. Up to Thursday night, at the time of writing, the counting was still ongoing with both sides making carefully worded claims of victory.The outcome and the impact of this USA election will affect the entire world, particularly the free world and developing nations. Many will not understand this statement I am about to make, but this particular election has serious spiritual implications that will determine the national and eternal destiny of many nations and peoples.The fact is, what happens in the US affects us and invariably carries world impact. Get past your discomfort with the real or imagined 'how could he' tweets, public statements, and behaviours of Donald J Trump, some of which leaves much to be desired. Instead, focus on the 'what' and 'why' of his message. He maintains and represents: • the voice of freedom;• traditional values that have been time-tested and proven to make for stable societies;• the strength to maintain the needed balance of power in the world from oppressive regimes and terrorism; and

• justice and reason to contain Big Tech, Big Pharma, and big conglomerates that will suppress and swallow up small businesses and liberties not only in the USA, but also developing nations.Love him or hate him, he has demonstrated that his word can be trusted, as he has delivered, amidst hostile opposition to his pre-election promises. He is not as deceptive as many others. This may surprise many that I would say this, but you will agree that, with Trump, what you see is what you get. He has a powerful 'take it or leave it' posture. You know where you stand with him.Unfortunately, too many leaders are fearful and, therefore, hypocritical. Leaders dominated by pride, fear, greed, sexual weakness, addictions, drugs, alcohol or many other debilitating proclivities can never be trusted, because whenever any of these issues arise they will guide or govern their actions. Any or a combination of these proclivities can lead to a leader's downfall.I believe that a second term of Trump will see improved and greater support from the US to the Caribbean Basin. It will be the best we have ever seen.A Donald Trump is what the US and the world needs at the point of his entry on the scene. He needs, therefore, a second term to finish his assignment to restore balance and stability to his nation and, by extension, its influence on the world.The United Nations need a shaking and refocusing for the betterment of the world — a task which only the mindset and approach of Trump as president can cause. Unfortunately, biases and short-sightedness, along with the strong emotions his communications cause, will cause some to find it difficult to see his value now. But history will record his significance to real needed and fundamental change in the world, at a most crucial time.I am acutely aware that this position which I am taking is not popular and may cause me to lose a few more friends and gain a few more naysayers. But I have long accepted that I do not exist to always find agreement with the status quo. Nor do I expect to make all people comfortable with my views or to even have people speak well of me. I exist to declare truth from a kingdom of God perspective, as God's representative, to teach and guide men, women and nations to a better way — even though one may sometimes be misunderstood and suffer for it. I live for the transformation of my nation and the advancement of God's kingdom in the Earth and in the lives of men. That is what drives and motivates all my words and actions.If my prayers count for anything — and they do — I pray for a second term for Trump, even though it would seem that at this point the odds are against him. I pray that he will win again so that he will be able to complete his God-ordained assignments.I pray for a similar whitewash of the US Democrats, as the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) did to the People's National Party (PNP) in Jamaica in 1980, for the same reasons. That is to effect change by relaying essential foundations that were under threat to be eroded or discarded by the communist ideals that were a tangible threat at that time in our history.A few years ago I predicted that the PNP was going to face their judgement and experience a few years in Opposition, as did the JLP in 18 years out of Government, for what both parties did in sowing the seeds of destruction in our society during the 70s and 80s. In addition, the PNP is nowhere ready to add value to the country at this time, as a result of them discarding time-honoured values like love and being a voice and defence for the poor and unfortunate. It has to renew itself and prepare for the future.By the time this goes to print a few thousand delegates of the PNP will have made their choice of party president on behalf of greater thousands of members, and to the future benefit or harm of an island nation of 2.8 million people. “Bring back the love” with Lisa Hanna or “Go with Golding” with Mark Golding for renewed passion and purpose will be as important a choice as the US electorate has to make.This is a good time to restate that our new-era prime minister, Andrew Holness, has to move quickly and with tenacity to do what is necessary to unite the nation around a shared vision. Notwithstanding the success of some of his appointments, like Keith Duncan and the Economic Programme Oversight Committee (EPOC), it is clear that he still needs a team to focus on social issues with a view to mobilise our citizens toward positive social transformation. Such a team must be one that can and assist the prime minister to mobilise and focus our people to work and contribute to our nation's vision (see the National Development Plan, Vision 2030), so their personal hopes can be realised.The political people by themselves cannot do it. The crime issue, the social justice issues, and the economic issues have to work in tandem. It is gross deception for anyone to believe that a primary economic focus can answer the nation's problems and energise its hope.Yes, we seem to have a good basic economic team with plans and potential to move us in the right direction. However, aspects of the economic model need a serious rethink so that it does not end up destroying the hope of the people because of failed expectations.The votes of the people often represent the hopes of the people, whether in the USA or Jamaica. Elected representatives must therefore understand that their role is to sustain and bring the hopes of the people to a tangible reality. It should be clear by now that what we have always done, and how we have been doing it, has not worked. We need fresh minds that understand and can identify with the felt needs of the people to assist the system.Al Miller is senior pastor of Fellowship TabernacleNow you can read the Jamaica Observer ePaper anytime, anywhere. The Jamaica Observer ePaper is available to you at home or at work, and is the same edition as the printed copy available at https://bit.ly/epaper-login

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