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What I can't really understand, is what makes some people want to worship pagan idols, gods - inanimate matter - rather than worshipping living God, Jesus Christ, true God and true Man. In the time of King Solomon and under his rule, then Israel attained great power, prestige, and wealth, unmatched in the history of Israel. But it all came crumbling down [I Kings 11.1-13] - dismembered - when king Solomon decided that it was a good idea to worship idols, gods, and did so, notwithstanding the fact that he well knew what God's first mighty Commandment was, is, God tells us: "I am the Lord thy God, thou shalt not have strange gods before Me." For the true only God, the God of the Bible, "... Whose Name is Jealous, is a jealous God." [Exodus 34.14] Some years back, in 1986, the Italian town/city of Assisi was the location for a 'strange gods before Me' gathering - abominations - orchestrated adroitly by then 'santo subito' JP2. Assisi was later destroyed by a mighty earthquake. 'Santo subito' JP2, whom some people call 'great,' for reasons I have never been able to understand, ignored or forgot saint John's command, that tells us, that: "If you are visited by one who does not bring this teaching [Christ's teaching, Christianity] with him, you must not receive him in your houses, or bid him welcome; to bid him welcome is to share the guilt of his doings." (II John 1.10-11) Lately, now, in today's times [2019?]... South American idol, goddess Pachamama, was allegedly worshipped in the Vatican gardens, saint Peter's Basilica, and elsewhere by some very high level hierarchy of the Catholic Christian church. [II Corinthians 6.14-18] The current corona virus plague broke out during, or soon after, that alleged idolatry. To repeat: For the true only God, the God of the Bible, "... Whose Name is Jealous, is a jealous God." [Exodus 34.14] And Jesus tells us below, before incinerating a pagan idol - a 'carved simulacrum' of the goddess Matrix - to ashes: "I cannot bear gods in My presence." An example of Jesus' repugnance of pagan idols, of gods, follows hereunder. Pursuant to the vision that Jesus gave to holy mystic and 'victim soul,' Maria Valtorta - the "pen of Jesus," being an invisible observer therein: [In one of Jesus' many journeys of evangelisation, when Jesus and His 12 apostles had gone some distance away from Ashkelon and were near the village of Magdalgad:] "[Maria Valtorta narrates the vision, being an invisible observer therein:] He [Jesus] then says [to His 12 apostles]: " « Here, I will now go up to that village on the mountain, while you go on to Ashdod. Be careful. Be gentle, kind and patient. Even if they laugh at you, bear it in peace, as Matthew did yesterday, and God will help you. At sunset leave the town and go to the pond near Ashdod. We shall meet there. » [Traitor Judas Iscariot exclaims, commandeering, fancying himself being the master to his Master:] " ' But, my Lord, I will not let You go all alone! ' "[Maria Valtorta continues:] exclaims the Iscariot [= Judas Iscariot]. [Traitor Judas Iscariot continues:] " ' These people are violent... It is not wise.' [Jesus responds:] " « Do not be afraid for Me. Go, Judas, and be prudent yourself. Goodbye. Peace be with you. » "[Maria Valtorta continues:] The Twelve [apostles] go away but they are not very enthusiastic. Jesus looks at them depart and He takes the cool shady path up the hill. The hill is covered with olive, walnut and fig-trees and with well cultivated vineyards that are already promising good crops. On the plains there are little fields of cereals, while white-haired goats are grazing on the green grassy slopes. [Before the murder of Jesus Christ by crucifixion, Palestine had abundant waters that facilitated growing abundant crops.] "Jesus arrives at the first houses of the village. He is about to enter when He meets a strange procession. There are women shouting, men howling an alternate lament and they are performing a kind of dance round a blindfolded billygoat, which they beat while proceeding. The knees of the animal are already bleeding after stumbling and falling on the stones of the path. "Another group of people, who are also shouting and howling, are moving round a carved simulacrum [= 'an image or representation of someone or something'], which is really very ugly and they hold up pans full of embers, which they keep alive by spraying resins and salt over them, at least I think that is what is happening, as the former smell of turpentine and the latter crackles like salt. Another group [third group] is gathered round a wizard, before whom they continuously bow, shouting: [Third group of people bow and shout:] " ' By your strength! ' (men) " ' You only can! ' (women) " ' Implore the god! ' (men) " ' Remove the witchcraft! ' (women) " ' Order the Matrix! ' " ' Save the woman! ' "[Maria Valtorta continues:] And then all together, with a hellish howl, shout: [Third group of people shout?:] " ' Death to the sorceress! ' "[Maria Valtorta continues:] And they start all over again, with a variant: [Third group of people shout?:] " ' By your strength! ' " ' You only can! ' " ' Command the god! ' " ' To let us see! ' " ' Order the billygoat! ' " ' To show us the sorceress! ' "[Maria Valtorta continues:] And with another hellish cry: [Third group of people shout?:] " ' Who hates the house of Phara! ' "[Maria Valtorta continues:] Jesus stops a man of the last group [third group of people round the wizard], and kindly asks him: [Jesus asks a man who's part of the third group of people round the wizard:] " « What is happening? I am a foreigner... » "[Maria Valtorta continues:] The procession has stopped for a moment to beat the billygoat [poor thing - I abhor animal cruelty], spray resins on the embers and take breath, and the man [from the third group whom Jesus had inquired] explains: " ' The wife of Phara, the great man of Magdalgad is dying in childbirth. Someone who hates her [the crowds had conjectured], has cast a spell on her. Her womb has become strangulated and the child cannot come into the world. We are looking for the sorceress to kill her. Only that way Phara's wife can be saved, and if we do not find the sorceress we will sacrifice the billygoat to implore supreme mercy from goddess Matrix (I now realise that the monstrous puppet is a goddess)... ' [= the 'carved simulacrum' above which seems to be on a litter.] [Satan does indeed have the power to cause infirmities in men. (Luke 13.16) There are many things that we don't know about Satan, but his power crumbles before the cross, and becomes powerless.] [Jesus then speaks:] " « Stop. I can cure the woman and save her son. Tell the priest » "[Maria Valtorta continues:] says Jesus to the man [whom Jesus had inquired] and to two more who have approached Him. [One or more of the three men speaks:] " ' Are You [Jesus] a doctor? ' [Jesus responds:] " « More than a doctor. » "[Maria Valtorta continues:] The three men [then] elbow their way through the crowd and go to the idolatrous priest. They speak to him. The rumour spreads. The procession, which had set out again, stops. "The [idolatrous pagan] priest, imposing in his many-coloured rags, nods to Jesus and orders: [Idolatrous pagan priest orders Jesus:] " 'Young Man [Jesus], come here! ' "[Maria Valtorta continues:] And when Jesus is near him: [Idolatrous pagan priest speaks to Jesus:] " ' Is what You say true? Mind You, if what You say does not happen, we will infer that the spirit of the sorceress is embodied in You and we will kill You in her place.' [Jesus responds:] " « What I said is true. Take Me to the woman at once and in the meantime give Me the billygoat. I need it. Remove the bandage from its head and bring it here. » "[Maria Valtorta continues:] They do so. The poor stunned staggering bleeding animal is brought to Jesus Who caresses its thick black coat. [Jesus speaks:] " « Now you must obey Me in everything. Will you do that? » [The crowd shouts:] " ' Yes! ' "[Maria Valtorta continues:] shout the crowd. [Jesus speaks:] " « Let us go. Do not shout any more and stop burning resins. It is an order. » [God abhors burning incense to pagan idols; e.g. 2 Chronicles 34.25; Jeremiah 48.35; Isaiah 65.3] "[Maria Valtorta continues:] They enter the village and along the main street they go to a house situated in the centre of an orchard. Shouting and crying can be heard through the wide open doors, and above all, the lugubrious dreadful laments of the woman who cannot give birth to her child. They run to tell Phara, who looking wan and with ruffled hair comes forward together with two weeping women and some useless [pagan] wizards who are burning incense and leaves on copper pans. [Voices shout:] " ' Save my wife! ' [Husband - Phara] " ' Save my daughter! ' [Old Woman] " ' Save her, save her! ' [Crowd] "[Maria Valtorta continues:] shout in turn the husband, an old woman and the crowd. [Jesus responds:] " « I will save her and her boy as well, because it is a boy, a very healthy one, with two sweet eyes the hue of a ripe olive and dark hair on his head like this fleece. » [Predicted truly fully by Jesus] [Someone interjects:] " ' How do You know? What? Can You see also inside a womb? ' [Jesus responds:] " « I see and penetrate everywhere. I know everything and I can do everything. I am God. » "[Maria Valtorta continues:] If He [Jesus] had thrown a thunderbolt, the effect would not have been the same. They all [crowds] throw themselves on the ground, as if they were dead. [Jesus speaks:] " « Stand up. Listen. I am the powerful God and I cannot bear other gods before Me. Light a fire and throw that statue [= the 'carved simulacrum' above, of the pagan idol, goddess Matrix] on to it. » "[Maria Valtorta continues:] The crowds' rebel. They begin to doubt the mysterious « god » who orders the goddess [Matrix] to be burned. The [idolatrous pagan] priests are most indignant. "But Phara and his mother-in-law, who are interested in the woman's life, oppose the hostile crowd and since Phara is the great man in the village, the crowd checks its anger. But the man asks Him: [Phara, 'the great man in the village,' asks Jesus:] " ' How can I believe that You are a god? Give me a sign and I will order them to do what You want. ' [Jesus responds:] " « Look. See the wounds of this billygoat? They are open, are they not? They are bleeding, are they not? And the animal is almost dead. Well, I do not want that... Now, look. » [With pagans or barbarians, without faith or knowledge in Christianity, it seems necessary for some sort of sign to be given, where deemed appropriate to do so.] "[Maria Valtorta continues:] The man [Phara] bends, looks... and shouts: [Phara shouts in astonishment:] " ' There are no wounds! ' [on the billygoat] "[Maria Valtorta continues:] and he [Phara] throws himself on the ground begging: [Phara, who obviously loves his wife most dearly, begs Jesus:] " ' My wife, my wife! ' [Phara did not say, 'my partner,' 'parent 2,' or any satanic nomenclature to describe a wife.] "[Maria Valtorta continues:] But the [idolatrous pagan] priest of the procession threatens: [Idolatrous priest threatens:] " ' Watch, Phara! We do not know who He is! Dread the revenge of the gods! ' "[Maria Valtorta continues:] The man [Phara] is seized with double fear: the [idolatrous pagan] gods, his wife... He [Phara] asks: [Phara questions Jesus:] " ' Who are You? ' [Jesus responds:] " « I am He Who I am, in Heaven, on the earth. All power is subject to Me, every thought is known to Me. The dwellers of Heaven adore Me, those in Hell fear Me. And those who believe in Me will see all wonders being performed. » [Phara speaks:] " ' I believe! I believe... Your Name! ' [Jesus responds:] " « Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Lord. Burn that idol! [= the 'carved simulacrum' mentioned above of pagan goddess Matrix] I cannot bear gods in My presence. Put out those thuribles [that had incense burning for the pagan idol]. Only My Fire is powerful and willing. Obey, or I will incinerate that vain idol, and I will go away without saving anyone. » "[Maria Valtorta continues:] Jesus is awesome in His linen robe, from the Shoulders of which hangs His blue mantle behind Him, His Arm raised in a gesture of command, His Face gleaming... "They are afraid of Him, no one speaks... In the silence, the heart-rending exhausting cries of the suffering woman [Phara's wife] are distinctly heard. But they are still reluctant to obey. Jesus' Face is becoming more and more awesome to human eyes. It is really a fire burning both matter and souls. "And the copper pans [that had incense/coal burning] are the first to suffer. The men holding them are compelled to throw them away as they can no longer stand their heat. And yet the coal seems to be out... Then the idol-bearers are forced to lay on the ground the litter [that had pagan goddess Matrix above it] which they were carrying shoulder high as the shafts [that were used to carry the litter upon which pagan goddess Matrix stood] are becoming carbonised, as if a mysterious flame burned them, and as soon as the litter is [placed] on the ground, the idol [of the pagan goddess Matrix] catches fire. "The crowds are terrorised and run away... "Jesus turns to Phara: [Jesus asks Phara:] " « Can you really believe in My power? » [Phara responds:] " ' I do believe. You are God. The God Jesus. ' [Jesus responds:] " « No. I am the Word of the Father, of Jehovah of Israel, and I have come in Flesh, Blood, Soul and Divinity to redeem the world and give men faith in the True God, the One, Triune God Who is in the Most High Heavens. I have come to give help and mercy to men, so that they may abandon Error and come to the Truth, which is the Only God of Moses and of the [then real Jewish] Prophets. Can you still believe? » [Phara responds:] " ' Yes, I do. ' [Jesus speaks:] " « I have come to bring the Way, Truth and Life to men, to demolish idols, to teach wisdom. Through Me the world will be redeemed, because I will die for love of the world and for the eternal salvation of men. Can you still believe? » [Phara responds:] " ' Yes, I believe. ' [Jesus speaks:] " « I have come to tell men, that if they believe in the True God, they will have eternal life in Heaven, near the Most High, Who is the Creator of every man, animal, plant and planet. Can you still believe? » [Phara responds:] " ' Yes, I do believe. ' "[Maria Valtorta continues:] Jesus does not even enter the house [where Phara's wife is suffering, dying]. He only stretches out His Arms towards the poor woman's room, with His Hands open as in the resurrection of Lazarus [of Bethany], and He [Jesus] shouts: " « Come out [= seems an order given to the baby to come out of his mother's womb] to the light to know the Divine Light and by order of the Light which is God! » "[Maria Valtorta continues:] A thundering order, echoed after a moment, by a cry of triumph having in its sound both wail and joy [= seemingly of Phara's wife having successfully delivered her baby into the world], and then the feeble weeping of a new-born baby, feeble but clear and growing more and more in strength. [Jesus speaks to Phara:] " « Your son is crying to greet the earth. Go to him and tell him, both now and later, that not the earth, but Heaven is his fatherland. Bring him up for Heaven, and that applies also to you. That is the Truth [Jesus] speaking to you. Those things (and He points at the copper pans, crumpled up on the ground like dry leaves, and now completely useless, and at the ashes marking the place of the idol's litter) are Falsehood [Devil, Satan] that neither helps nor saves. Goodbye. » "[Maria Valtorta continues:] And He [Jesus] is about to go away. "But a woman rushes forth with a lively baby enveloped in linen swaddling clothes and she shouts: [A woman carrying a baby rushes to Phara, and shouts:] " ' It's a boy, Phara. He is beautiful and strong, His eyes are as dark as a ripe olive and his hair is darker and thinner than the hair of a little sacred goat [as predicted by Jesus above]. And your wife is resting blissfully. She no longer suffers, as if nothing had happened. It was all so sudden, when she was already dying... and after those Words [of Jesus' Words of the miracle]... ' "[Maria Valtorta continues:] Jesus smiles and as the man [Phara] presents the baby to Him, He touches its [his] head with the tips of His Fingers [we do not know the significance of this]. The people - with the exception of the [idolatrous pagan] priests who go away indignantly when they see Phara's defection [from their influence and idolatry] - gather round them [around Jesus, Phara, and the baby] to see the baby and look at Jesus. "Phara would like to give Him [Jesus] gifts and money for the miracle. But Jesus kindly but resolutely says: [Jesus speaks:] " « Nothing. A miracle can only be paid for by loyalty to God Who granted it. I will retain this billygoat as a remembrance of your town. » [An example of 'loyalty to God:' gratitude is required: Jesus once said to a cripple whom He had cured: '... do not sin anymore, for fear that worse should befall thee...' (John 5.15)] "[Maria Valtorta continues:] And He [Jesus] goes away with the billygoat, which trots along beside Him, as if Jesus were his [its] owner, and now that it is cured, it looks happy and bleats for joy of being with One who does not strike it... [All animals are happy, and it's men who make them unhappy, Jesus tells us.] "They [Jesus and the happy cured billygoat] go down the slopes of the hill and take the main road which leads to Ashdod..." [And for Jesus to rejoin His 12 apostles there. Jesus did not need a road map.] I have pondered on why Jesus did not want His 12 apostles to witness what He was going to do at the village of Magdalgad, working a healing miracle on a billygoat and another one on a pagan woman: Phara's wife (and incinerating the pagan goddess Matrix). Maybe it would have scandalised the hard Hebraic skins of some or all of His 12 apostles, who were then not yet fully formed in Jesus' Doctrine, that He had been Incarnated to preach the Gospel to everyone, to save all those who wanted to be saved. Or Maybe the reason lies in the situation when Jesus had commanded His 72 disciples to evangelise, saying to them: "Do not go into the walks of the Gentiles, or enter any city of Samaria; go rather to the lost sheep that belong to the house of Israel. And preach..." [Matthew 10.5] The reason for this foregoing command from Jesus, was not that the then Jews were privileged above all other men on earth, but that the 72 disciples were adequately formed and able to preach to and covert only the then Jews who had knowledge of the true only God, and that they, the 72 disciples, were not yet adequately formed and able to preach to and convert the pagans and other barbarians who had no knowledge whatsoever of the true only God, the God of the Bible. The Jews at the time, as the only "chosen people" to know the true only God, thought erroneously that they were the only ones chosen to inhabit Heaven and no one else. They were wrong. And the Holy Spirit tells us, that: "They [the then Jews] thought they would have their triumph [to enter Heaven] by robbery, by arrogant right. No. Heaven is - for all - a conquest. [Mathew 8.11-12] Hard. Long. And certain only for those who persevere in good will, to the end of their existence [on earth, by earthly death]." "Good will is the desire for Good and Truth," Jesus has said. Everyone on earth has the right to Heaven, but only by living righteously and by obeying the Ten Commandments: the immutable Law of the true only God: One and Three. No one on earth has ever been given authority to break or countermand those Ten Commandments. Those who do not believe this - and there are many - will surely believe when they land in Hell - where there are many. The foregoing has dealt with material pagan idols, pagan gods. But there are other non-material pagan idols, pagan gods. For example, Jesus tells us, that: (a) "Inside your hearts you [men] have an idol, several idols. The idol whereby you believe that you are gods, the idols of your concupiscence." (b) "When a man [a priest] comes to give the sheep [men] of God other instructions [heresies] or tries to mislead them [sheep, men] taking them to other abodes and other ways, he is not the good shepherd, but an idol shepherd." Sad to say, in these 'end times,' there are too many men having too many idols; and too many priests who have lost their way and become idol shepherds. What some of these idol shepherds are currently doing, is shocking, scandalous beyond words. Jesus, true God and true Man, pursuant to the Gospel that He dictated to holy mystic and 'victim soul,' Maria Valtorta - the "pen of Jesus:" Jesus Christ says: [In the excerpt below, Jesus outlines the evidence on the existence of the true only God, One and Three. The sermon was preached to the Jews near Ephraim in Palestine (now mostly geographical Israel) circa 31 A.D.] "The first word of the Father and Lord is this: 'I am the Lord your God.' There is not one instant of the day in which this word is not uttered by the voice of God and is not written by His finger. Where? Everywhere. It is repeated continuously by everything. By the grass and stars, by water and fire, by wool and food, by light and darkness, by health and illness, by wealth and poverty. Everything says: 'I am the Lord. You [man] received that from Me. One thought of Mine gives it to you, another thought takes it away from you, there is no power of armies or of defence that can shield you from My Will.' It shouts in the voice of the wind, it sings in the murmur of water, it gives off scent in the sweet smell of flowers, it is engraved on mountain tops, and it whispers, speaks, calls, shouts in consciences: 'I am the Lord your God.' "Never forget that! Do not close your eyes, your ears, do not suffocate your consciences, so that you may not hear that word. In any case it stands and the moment will come when it will be written by the fiery finger of God on the walls of banqueting halls or on the waves of rough seas, on the smiling lips of a child, or on the pallor of a dying man, on a sweet smelling rose or on a fetid sepulchre. "The moment will come when in the exhilaration of wine and pleasure, in the bustle of business, in the rest at night, during a lonely walk, it will raise its voice and say: 'I am the Lord your God' and not the flesh that you kiss so avidly, not the food that you gobble so greedily, and not the gold [money] that you hoard so stingily, and not the bed in which you idle, and neither taciturnity, nor loneliness, nor sleep can silence it. 'I am the Lord your God,' the Companion Who will not abandon you, the Guest you cannot drive out. Are you good? Then the guest and companion is a good Friend. Are you wicked and guilty? Then the guest and companion becomes the angry King and gives no peace. But He does not leave you. Separation from God is granted only to damned souls [who go to Hell upon earthy death]. But the separation is their unappeasable and eternal torture [in Hell]." Sweet loving, adorable Jesus Christ continues to be, now and in eternity, true God and true Man. Saint John says to us: "Let those who blaspheme by saying that Christ was not true God and true Man cease to blaspheme out of mercy on their souls." [Implicit punishment not revealed.] Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. Mary, Help of Christians, pray for us. The foregoing is pursuant to the Gospel that Jesus dictated to Maria Valtorta, the Holy Bible, and my analysis. All for the glory of Jesus our Lord God and Master. With kind regards. Joseph Costa PS Be very, very careful of some clergy who deny, who brazenly lie, saying that God does not punish men with chastisements, from time to time. They - that minority clergy - are idol shepherds and God will in due course punish them for leading theirs flocks ashtray and into a false sense of religious security. For example, in times much past, the people of then Israel accepted the counsel: "... to act treacherously against the Lord in the matter of Peor, and so the plague came among the congregation of the Lord." [Numbers 31.16] The mighty ants of the earth, who fancy themselves being gods and who judge God and say... 'But I thought that God is love?' God is love, for sure, no doubt, but He's also Justice, and 'Justice for sinners means one thing only: punishment.' When Jesus walked the earth, He was gentle with the virtuous and the repentant, but severe with the sinners and the unrepentant. At the time of writing, the corona virus plague was still raging - a chastisement from God Almighty: from the Boss!! A wake up call to all peoples on earth - metaphored as "Babylon" in saint John's Apocalypse - to abandon sin and idols, and to return back to the true only God, to the God of the Bible. I have already suggested what the solution to the corona virus plague is: repentance of sins, asking Jesus for forgiveness, ceasing sinning, loyalty to Jesus Christ: God, Son of God. The situation is much like that of traitor Judas Iscariot, who steadfastly refused to repent and seek forgiveness from Jesus Christ. And Judas is now in Hell, paying the price therein for his many unrepentant and unforgiven sins, for all eternity. Arrogant governments' putative cures, involving ignoring God, Jesus Christ, and instead resorting to an idol, to the pagan goddess of money [II Kings 22.17] - seem to be much worse than the actual plague itself. And many of those governments are now much more adroit at persecuting Christian churches and schools and others. "But woe to those who cause God to be silent." [N.B. - goddess of money: The mint of the ancient Romans was located in the then Temple of Juno Moneta, from which word, 'moneta,' the word 'money' is derived. Juno and Moneta were pagan goddesses (according to my research).] Many countries have now been ruined, a ruin seemingly consonant with the predictions of our Lady of Fatima, Virgin Mary - God's Mother [Luke 1.43] - who had warned humanity what would happen if men did not stop sinning, if they did not stop offending Her Son Jesus: God, Son of God. Briefly, at the time of writing, what has transpired so far in worldly terms: As a result of the various people and business lockdowns in response to the plague, business expectations around the world have taken a big hit, declining in free-fall, with no end in sight. A decline in business expectations leads to a decline in investment, employment, output, GDP, and national income, with multiplier effect. This is on top of the immediate drop in national income, output, and employment arising directly from the closure of businesses, resulting in a direct drop in consumption, savings, and investment - again accompanied by the multiplier effect. All this - just elementary macro economics, really - can easily be seen by the fact that many stock and financial markets - obviously expecting, in various degrees, a decline in future income and accompanying decline in net present values of certain assets - have been rather volatile, in heavy decline. Shorts and derivatives trading - corrosive speculation - should be outlawed immediately, and those traders having open positions should be given a maximum period of 30 days to close out their exposures, with stiff sanctions if they do not do so. The livelihoods of millions of people around the world have been destroyed. Many businesses have gone 'belly up:' bankrupt. Rising poverty is now more visible, more widespread. Private schools and Christian churches will have to learn what frugality means, and to make do with much less money and fewer paid staff. In my opinion, the various people and business lockdowns seem to me, prima facie, to breach Articles 2, 13, and 20 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as well as Articles 12, 21, and 22 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. But only a legally constituted court or tribunal can really confirm this or not with certainty. Under normal circumstances, facilitating more investment would be required, as it's very important for an economy's long term prosperity. In public parlance, especially amongst politicians, people often confuse investment and speculation, but not so in economics. For example, building a new factory or installing a new engineering process would be investment, but a foreigner coming in with a bag money, sometimes with 'hot money' to bribe and buy, and bribes and buys an established business or office tower or farm or whatever else, would be speculation, NOT investment. Speculation is highly corrosive to an economy, and it should always be discouraged. Free world trade has never existed, except in theoretical economics books. What we have in reality, is cheating world trade, and who can cheat the most more subtly and get away with it. But I don't think that we're in normal circumstances and, if so, then the foregoing economics concepts just mentioned may not work at all. And if so, then there might be a lot more pain and sufferings ahead of us, though not yet readily visible or conceptualised. In many ways, we're like the 'prodigal son' in the most holy Bible who remembered that he had a father ONLY when he, the prodigal son, got hungry; and so he repented of his sinful ways and returned back to his father, who had abundant food to eat. We too, the 'Babylon' in the most holy Bible, have to return back to our Father (Who's in Heaven), as explained above. Maybe we're not yet sufficiently hungry enough to remember Him and to repent of our sinful ways. I don't think I have much more to say on this worldly matter, except saying that the current massive, massive unrestrained printing and spending money to counter the drop off in consumption and investment - a corruption of Keynesian economics, already long corrupted - is not the solution to the corona virus plague because, and it's a brutal reality, that if such massive unrestrained printing and spending money continues unabated, established money will eventually lose much of its purchasing power and its primary role as money, and something else will replace it as money; and economies, as a result, will collapse to the floor, much like Germany's once did before the rise of Adolf Hitler. In fact, his rise to power came about mostly as a direct result of that economic collapse. Hitler is now in Hell. So there's a high risk that we might just end up with the corona virus plague still raging, with collapsed economies to boot. But I think that there may yet be another Hitler-like in place, itching to go to Hell, another pagan god full of himself who's all ready and able to take Hitler's place and who's using massive printed money to finance state-owned business enterprises to be expeditionary forces, as foreign legions, to invade and loot other countries' resources under the guise of doing business.

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