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1. A church built on God’s Holy Word

“They devoted themselves to the Apostles’ teaching” (Acts 2: 42)    

The believers were devoted to the teaching of God’s holy Word. This means that they loved hearing, receiving, and obeying the teaching of the Word as directed by the Apostles. I get a picture of them sitting and ‘soaking in’ the teaching of God’s Word and this helped them grow in their faith. The Word of God was one of the dominant guiding factors in what that church stood for.

Thankfully, the power of God’s Word still stands good for us today.

I have been reading Wilmington’s Guide to the Bible over the recent past, and in the section that is titled ‘The Doctrine of the Bible’, the author refers to people from all walks of life and professions, whose lives have been deeply impacted by the scriptures. He highlights quotes from Presidents, Prime Ministers, Scientists, Historians, Physicians, Lawyers, Educators, Philosophers, Writers, Astronomers, and many others to show how lives can be transformed and impacted. Such is the power of God’s Word!

In the scriptures, the Word is also symbolized as being a mirror that reflects truth, a seed that germinates and brings fruit, bread that gives spiritual life, a lamp that gives light and guidance, and as a sword, a hammer, and a fire. It is milk that nourishes a new believer and meat that strengthens a mature believer! More of God’s Word will bring more glory to His name.

Let us keep emphasizing the teaching of God’s Word to our children, our youth, our young adults, our adults, and our families. May we faithfully teach the Word of truth through our pulpits and our classrooms as directed by Paul to Timothy in 2 Timothy 2: 15 so that God could be glorified through transformed lives.

May we encourage our people to spend more time in His Word than on Facebook, social media, politics, sports, and on other activities. For everything else, other than God’s Word, will pass away one day (Matthew 24: 35).  

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